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Ram is soul of Bharat , it’s heartening to see replica of Ram Temple in Pacific Mall.


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Replica of Ayodhya Ram Mandir at Pacific mall this Diwali..This is New India.
Diwali is onset from the day of Vijaydashmi when Lord Rama killed Ravana and started his journey back to his birthplace Ayodhya.This historic return is celebrated as Diwali symbolising light and happiness.

Often we had seen markets and malls lightened up during Diwali,but this year Pacific mall ,Delhi has come up with a unique idea by placing the replica of Ram Mandir in the mall.It symbolises the victory of truth.The replica was completed in 45 days with 80 experts worked on it.It has a massive height of 32 feet and 48 feet in width.

Today when most of liberals & leftist distort Hindu religion and its practices for running their own fake agendas,it is worth seeing that such acts makes one feel proud of their dharma and encourages them to more about it.
Pacific mall has freed itself from the old tradition of decorating malls only during Christmas or New year Eve.Though it appear as a promotion stunt for some of the seculars but let me tell you that it need courage and moreover faith in oneself and his dharma to take a step forward and make people remind of their heritage.
Mr.Abhishek Bansal Executive director of Pacific mall said “Being the embodiment of chivalry, truth and virtue, Lord Rama can be described as a man who displays perfect moral as well as social behaviour. He is a symbol of the victory of good over evil. He characterises how a man should fulfil his moral commitments so that social order can be maintained and hence is worshipped widely in Indian culture.”

Now this is what we say is New India where Santa’s are replaced by Lord Rama creating a positivity and enthusiasm in the air🙏


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