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Hindu genocide, which didn’t demand justice during Khalistan movement in Punjab in 1980s-90s


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What amount of brutality and savagery does it take to butcher unsuspecting Hindu families including women and innocent children, celebrating Holi in Punjab during 80s? What amount of hatred and hostility does it require to separate Hindu passengers from bus and train before killing them in execution style? 

But, such was Khalistani militant groups of radicalised Sikhs, who massacred thousands of Hindus, raped their women and looted their properties in Punjab during 1980s to demand a separate state, Khalistan in Punjab. Survivor Hindus were forced to flee from Punjab. Khalistani terrorists didn’t hesitate to slaughter even Sikhs, who raised their voices against their brutality. Khalistani militant groups are responsible for massacring 22000 lives of Hindus and Sikhs including 12000 civilians.

Hindu passengers were asked to get down from buses and trains and mercilessly murdered. On 5 October 1983, Khalistani terrorists massacred Hindu passengers in a bus  going from Dhilwan in Kapurthala district in Jalandhar. On 21 October 1983, Hindu passengers were killed in a train near Gobindgarh. Hundreds of families were wiped out. To generate terror in the air Khakistanis hanged innocent people to death, burnt them alive and dragged them behind the vehicle till death. Even women with breast sucking infants, innocent children and old age people were not spared. Khalistanis slaughtered even Sikhs, who raised their voices to protect their Hindu neighbours. Khalistani conspired every bit to incite Hindu Sikh communal pogrom. It was naked dance of death, destruction and despair emanating from serial bomb blasts, assassinations, kidnappings, killings of civilians by Khalistani militant during 1980-90s. Hundreds of horror stories of Khalistan are widespread. 

On 29 September 1981, militants of “Dal Khalsa” had hijacked an Indian Jetliner to Pakistan to protest against the arrest of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala, who was accused of murdering Lala Jagat Narain, the publisher of Punjab Kesri, a vernacular newspaper, and a vocal critic of Bhindranwale. While terrorists of Dal Khalsa scattered severed cow heads in Hindu temples, Bhindranwale exhorted every Sikh to “kill 32 Hindus to solve the Hindu-Sikh problem.”

In 1982, much before “Operation Blue Star” was carried out Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and his militants had moved to Golden Temple, from where he used to run parallel government because he realised government would hurt Sikh feelings, if it entered Golden Temple. Bhindranwale began collecting arms through smugglers, collecting money, encouraging people to loot and share the booty with them. 

Genocide continued throughout 90s when Canada based pro-Khalistan group Babbar Khalsa exploded Air India’s Boeing 747 ‘Kanishka’ airliner, which had departed Toronto via Montreal for Delhi with 329 passengers on board with 82 children under the age of 13 on 23 June 1985. It was the deadliest aircraft terror attack before 9/11. 

Butcher of Khalistanis have named themselves after Khalsa, which means pure, to fool naive Sikhs. Khalsa, which was created by Guru Gobind Singh in 1699, is the community of Sikh warriors. Sikhism was founded to battle with brutality and persecution by Islamist invaders around 1500 AD. Guru Arjan Dev, the fifth Sikh Guru was brutally tortured to death by Muslim emperor Jahangir in Lahore in 1606 for preserving his faithGuru Tegh Bahadur, the ninth Sikh Guru was inflicted inhuman torture in jail before he was beheaded for refusing to convert to Islam by barbarian Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in Delhi on 24 Nov 1675. Banda Singh Bahadur born as Laxman Dev, was a Sikh warrior and a commander of Khalsa army, who was tortured to death with red-hot irons along with his men by Mughals.

Today, Khalistanis, which are groups of anti national, anti social, smugglers and butchers, have joined hands with those Islamists, who had persecuted Sikh Gurus. Do the Khalistanis deserve to be called even Sikhs? 

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Jagjit Singh Chauhan, founder of Khalistan movement, had declared himself as president of the “Republic of Khalistan” formed a cabinet and also issued Khalistan “passports”, and “Khalistan dollars”.

If “Operation Blue Star” hurt the sentiments of Sikhs, Bhindranwale making Golden temple his fortress was equally blasphemous. Unfortunately, 4,000 Sikh soldiers in the Indian army had mutinied, several of them had resigned. But, none of them had questioned why Golden Temple had been seized by terrorist outfits, Gurudwaras are no longer Gurudwaras, if terrorists were hiding there. 

Hindus not only condemned anti Sikh riots of 1984, but have stood by Sikhs by raising voice against perpetrators like Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar, Kamal Nath to bring them to justice. To ensure long lasting unity between Hindus and Sikhs, it is imperative that Sikhs demoralise anti national elements like Khakistanis within them.


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