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Rahat Indori mocked PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee in the name of poetry

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Urdu poet Rahat Indori has been passed away yesterday, and since then a lot of mixed emotions have been poured in from all quarters of society. Our dharma and our culture don’t allow us to mock someone after his death, however we would like to share something about Rahat Indori, which may give you a better insight into the kind of person he was.

Ex-PM Bharat Ratna Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was a kind of person who is loved by even his strongest adversaries. He was one of the best PM we ever had, and he is among the very few politicians who garnered respect from everyone irrespective of political lineage and ideology.

In 2001, Vajpayee ji has undergone a knee surgery because he was facing issues even in normal walking. He was admitted to Mumbai’s Breach Candy hospital and the entire nation was praying for his recovery. At such a critical juncture, even an enemy doesn’t make any adverse comment, but Rahat Indori shared this piece under the garb of poetry which may make you feel uneasy.

You can listen to this poetry in the below tweet, however, we are writing it here to show the kind of poetry Rahat Indori was doing all these years.

निकाह किया नहीं,
तो फिर यह मर्द कैसा ?
घुटनों से काम लिया ही नहीं,
तो फिर दर्द कैसा?

Mocking the marital status and illness of a PM of our Nation is definitely not poetry, and people say that he was a great poet, but we differ here, he was just a normal poet, who used to make anti-national, anti-religious poetry, he used to attack people who were not aligned with his ideology.

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