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28 Palghar Mob Lynching accused freed as Thackeray Govt didn’t file a charge sheet


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On 16th April, a violent mob lynched two innocent Hindu Sadhus and their driver in Gadchinchale Village which falls in Palghar District, Maharashtra. This case created a massive outrage across the country and people from all walks of life slammed the Maharashtra Government for their wishy-washy tactics to handle this case.

Maharashtra’s Thackeray Government is accused of dousing off this case by hook or crook, and this is evident in their actions. Maharashtra Police is not investigating this matter properly.

Yesterday Dahanu session court in Palghar has granted bail to 28 accused of the murder of Hindu Sadhus because Thackeray Government’s Police didn’t file a charge sheet within the stipulated timeframe.

The lawyer of the accused argued in the court that police have not found any evidence against his clients in the charge-sheet against them has not been submitted yet. He argued that it is an illegal detention for his clients. On the basis of these arguments, the Court freed these accused on bail immediately.

This is a high profile case of lynching of Hindu sadhus Chikne Maharaj Kalpvirkshagiri and Sushilgiri Maharaj and their driver Nilesh Telgade. These Sadhus were brutally killed along with their driver, after rumors spread in that area about a child lifting gang operating in the area. Maharashtra Government’s is yet to find any evidence against the 28 accused and hence they were granted bail.

This shows the apathy of the Thackeray Government and Shivsena, which call themselves as the savior of Hindutva but not doing anything to provide justice to those 2 Sadhus who were brutally murdered.


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