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Prof Priyamvada Gopal: Why Cambridge University has such a ‘Rabid Hindu Hater’ onboard?


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Academia is a big SWAMP, and if we talk about US Academia, then it is full of Rabid Hindu haters and Anti-Indian elements. We have seen numerous sold-out academicians who under the guise of liberalism have long parroted Communist and Islamist agendas against India and Hindus.

These academicians operate covertly and create conspiracies to demean our nation in whatever way possible. They have transformed these renowned universities into the breeding grounds for anti-Hindu and anti-India activities, and their primary objective is to dismantle the status Quo, usher in an era of anarchy with woke-ism and canceled cultures as their implementation tools.

Today we will talk about a Professor, who hails from India but is known for her extreme hatred against India and Hindus. Indian-born academic Priyamvada Gopal has gained a reputation of being a notorious person who harbors a gruesome hatred in her heart for Hindus and India. Unfortunately, she is a Professor of Postcolonial Studies at the University of Cambridge.

She is known for making derogatory and highly controversial comments on social media against India and Hindus in particular. When the Indian Government passed the Citizenship Amendment Act in 2019, she was the one who demanded that the USA block the naturalization of Hindus and “snatch their precious little H-1Bs”, referring to the H-1B Visas.

Picture Source – Priyamvada Gopal’s Twitter account

Here it is important to note that she herself a migrated India, who is now settled in USA, and it is unfortunate to know that she is not aware about the modelities of the CAA bill. Well, we are not so much impressed with her selective ‘innocence’

A few days back, she made a hawkish claim that renowned scholar Koenraad Elst was a “White adherent of Hindu Supremacism”, she compared him with “Aryan Supremacism” that has notable Nazi symbolism. Elst, on the other hand, had nothing of that sort.

Picture Source – Priyamvada Gopal’s Twitter account

It seems, Priyanvada Gopal is loves to flaunt her Hinduphobic abilities every now and then. She makes some weird accusations and generalizations to paint Hinduism in bad light, which often considered as unacceptable in other religions and communities. She often claims that Hindus are highlighting the incidents of Hinduphobia are akin to White Supremacists. Offcourse, that’s not how it is in the real world.

Picture Source – Priyamvada Gopal’s Twitter account

She is suffered from a unique syndrome, where she seems to be having an issue an hatred with every Hindu who has made his/her name in western countries. She didn’t shy away from making a sweeping Hinduphobic remarks against Priti Patel, the Home Secretary in the United Kingdom Government since 2019.

Picture Source – Priyamvada Gopal’s Twitter account

Priyamvada Gopal had landed up in a controversy after declaring that “White lives don’t matter. As White lives”. After receiving severe criticism for the same, she promptly followed it up with a tweet demanding ‘abolish Brahmin-ness’.

Why Cambridge hire such Hindu Hater?

Cambridge is a renowned University, and it is quite appalling to see such Hindu hater onboard. Unfortunately, Priyamvada is not known for her academic credentials, instead she is more often remain busy with non-academic activities such as provoking students, participating in anti-Hindu campaigns, and fundraising for such acts.

People have already started registering their objection against such professors, and their anti-hindu acts are being discussed in social media at length. In certain cases, actions are being taken against such looney professors who are actually funded by Communists and Islamist elements. But in most of the cases these professors seem to get away with spewing venom and hatred towards Hindus in the name of “academic freedom.”

As far as University management is concerned, they never take any sort of responsibility against such acts. No one complains to the university administration, their state representatives about these murky and shady professors, who openly run anti-Hindu propaganda in the name of higher education.

Why Universities failed to take any action?

Its not that nobody raises alarm against the dubious activities of these professors. Students do make complaint against these professors to their universities departments. The University chair do perform an eyewash by conducting a meeting with the problematic professor over a glass of wine and they probably end up concluding that it is the student, who should be penalized for raising unnecessary issue. Students are often afraid of failing and thus don’t raise as much ruckus as they would or should in actuality against looney professors.

Similarly, student groups on campus can be even more vile than professors if they operate hateful campaigns under the pretense of ‘bomb Israel’, ‘free Palestine’ ,’ ‘Gender equality for all’ except those who they don’t like, ‘Hijab and black tents are empowerment,’ ‘Caste oppression obsessions’, ‘Brahmin patriarchy is racism,’ etc.

The unfortunate truth is that such colleges and Univesities have started providing the training and breeding grounds for such rogue students and faculty teaching activism get a free pass under academic freedom.


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