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India’s Brahmins: Hatred And Bigotry


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How Brahmins, protectors of Dharma, are now the silent victims in their own land

When Portuguese made their way in Goa, the Vatican at the time was keenly interested to spread Christianity in Goa. They sent Francis Xavier to India and later to East Asia.

While the former Portuguese colonies are now digested, India is largely unaffected.

Francis Xavier even went on to say,

If there were no Brahmins, all pagans would be converted to our faith.

Xavier when talking about conversion of Indians vis-a-vis Brahmins
A Brahmin with his rituals in Kashi.
Christopher Pillitz /Image Bank/GettyImages

Huge funds, coy tactics, everything you can imagine was used, but still the Indian subcontinent is largely Hindu.

For example, the movement of Dravidian Christianity which has made its presence felt in Southern India. According to Rajiv Malhotra,

A series of processes in South India has started to assimilate Hinduism into
Christian history and dogma. It uses a version of Dravidian history according to which St Thomas came to India and that the Tamil classics were composed under his Christian influence.

The allegation is that these classics are not Hindu, but rather, a form of Christianity that is distinctly south Indian. The Tamil classics, it is asserted, should actually be called Dravidian Christianity.

Breaking India (2011), Malhotra et al

From whatever you have read thus far, Brahmins have been the victims from the anti Hindu forces.

Ever wondered why?

Let us go back in time. From the very beginning.

The Guru of the Devas, Brihaspati, the son of Surupa and Angiras, a Saptarishi, is the holiest of Brahmins in the Vedic pantheon.

He has Indra as his student, or shishya, and represents hope and dharma in jyotish. Everyone respects him and nobody dares to disrespect.

His Asuric counterpart Shukracharya is the Guru of Daityas. He is a giver of moksha and the maya creator. He can revive the dead, and can grant immortality.

Shri Parshuram is another example of protector of Dharma, who famously fought wars. Even today, we find people who have Shri Parshuram as a prominent figure.

Shri Adi Shankaracharya also famously established the mathas all across the Indian subcontinent.

Then we also have Tulsidasji who wrote the famous Ramcharitmanas which made Ramayana popular in Northern India.

Recognise a pattern. They all provided philosophical and/or physical support.

What changed the scenario after 1947?

In 1956, the government infamously started to take over the temples, while leaving other places of faiths.

This was met with huge opposition, but the secular state didn’t budge.

The Indian state left no expense to takeover the wealth. The recent example being the takeover of Uttarakhand temples via the Devasthanam Management Act.

This didn’t stop. The SC/ST act which meant to uplift the disenfranchised, was heavily misused, even till today.

An example? Vishnu Kumar, an “upper caste” individual was falsely accused under the act and was imprisoned for 20 years.

What did he get for that? Not even a lip service by the state.

The Root Cause

The colonial mentality runs deep in the institutions in India.

Take the Supreme Court for example. All the machinery is of the colonial times. The collegium system is not decolonised at all.

The police is best at crowd dispersion let alone management. There are exceptions, but they don’t make the rule.

Plus add the Breaking India forces and see the landscape of a hurt civilisation.

But the common Hindu flocks towards the very same institution, which gave the forces a free hand in he first place.

J Sai Deepak, lawyer and author, aptly explains:

The effects?

The missionaries have a free hand in fraudulent conversion of Hindus. Andhra Pradesh is the best case today.

The samuday vishesh…well, that’s another discussion. Read the works of Sita Ram Goel to find out more.

Then ask yourself, is this how Hindu rashtra be realised?

Truth is a thing, that enlightens you. Frees you up. But, some don't want to let you. It is time for truth to be out.


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