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Persistent attacks on Hindu Festivals, a well hatched plot to kill the festive vibes of Hindus


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Gone are the days when Hindu festivals were used to be treated an an auspicious occasion, where entire society used to celebrate together, when festivals were used to spread joy, love, and fests. Unfortunately, the liberal- temporal- islamist Mafia has attacked on our carnivals and converted them into days, when Hindus are confined in the name of security and collaborative harmony.

The situation has turned into worst as anything remotely associated with the Hindu community has come intolerable to the so- called secular-liberal-islamist gang and their masters. They try everything, moral or immoral to kill the festive vibes of the Hindu community in any part of the country.

We’ve seen an utterly disturbing trend, where biased restrictions are imposed on Hindu festivals. We’ve seen how secular governments have issues shocking orders to check public gathering, public festivity, or indeed processions. We’ve seen how Section 144 and various other sections have been imposed in the name of ‘maintaining social harmony and law and order’, especially on Hindu carnivals.

On the other hand we know how radical islamist attack the Hindus on their festivals. Last time we witnessed wide-spread attacks on Ramanavami and Hanuman Jayanti procession across the country. We’ve seen how radical islamist attack on Hindus and their masters and supported sitting in administration, government, media, and other functions offer acceptable support to them.

How can someone forget the attack on Ramanavami procession in Jahangirpuri, Delhi? Hope you remember the Maharashtra (Maha-Vikas Aghadi) government’s directive on Hindu carnivals. The Maha Vikas Aghadi government put several restrictions ahead of Holi, it imposed the time restriction, by calling festival should end early and a blanket ban on the use of loudspeakers.

A similar executive order was passed by the Congress Government in the Barmer district of Rajasthan. The Barmer district magistrate imposed section 144 in the city to thwart Hindus from celebrating their festivals. Rajasthan, which is also known for colorful customs and kite flying tradition, witnessed something expected this time, when Udaipur administration imposed complete ban on kite flying in view of Makar Sankranti. Isn’t this absurd?

On February 15, 2023, in Jharkhand’s Palamu district, when Hindus were installing a decorative Toran Dwar for Mahashivaratri celebrations, suddenly a Muslim mob started attacking them with stones and set their temple on fire. About 1 dozen people, including police officers, were injured during this altercation. The incident took place in the Panki Bazar area close to a mosque, allegedly a Muslim area.

Do you know what happened thereafter?

A heavy police force was deployed in the area due to the heightened tension. In addition, Section 144 has been imposed in the area, and the internet has been shut down. Later a peace committee was formed, which has members from Muslim community, who proposed complete ban on the usage of DJ, and even banned the procession movement in from of the mosque, which falls in the so called Muslim area.

They are indeed giving a message that the so called ‘Muslim Areas’ must remain restricted from Hindus, and no procession must pass through their designated area. This is their first strategic step to take dominant position in a specific area. Then comes the next step, when they kick out the Hindus from ‘their’ areas, the way they did with Kashmiri Hindus in Kashmir.

Well planned attacks on Hindu festivals

As we said, it is a well planned conspiracy to demean the Hindu festivals to detach Hindus from their customs and festivities. For an example, on Mahashivratri, Hindus are preached about not wasting milk, on Diwali, they are instructed to not to burst crackers in the name of environment conservation and protect the stray dogs.

On Raksha Bandhan and Navratri, these Hindu-haters talk about the patriarchy. On Holi, the so called ‘animal lovers’ who otherwise enjoy eating animals, keep on crying that Holi colors are harmful for these animals, while these same people savour a turkey on Christmas, and keep their eyes closed when rivers of cow and goat blood flow down the streets on the occasion of Eid.

If things remain to continue this way in this Hindu-hating country, the day is not far away, when orders asking Hindus to smother each other will be issued because them breathing will become ‘offensive and hurtful’ to the other communities. Because while the chants of “Allah hu Akbar” and “Nara-e-Taqbeer” inside the Jamia Milia University against Hindus playing Holi are just fine, ‘secular’, and ‘peaceful’, only Bhagwan knows what slogans and songs related to Holi can create law and order disturbances in the largest state of the country.


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