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Is Ajay Devgn’s Bholaa another victim of Anti-Bollywood and Anti-Hindu tirade?


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Bollywood is going through a transformation, where people are boycotting the masala movies, which promote pseudo-secular narrative, anti-India thoughts, and Islamic culture. On the other hand, we have seen an emergence of film makers, who are producing nationalistic and religious movies.

The taste of people has been changed drastically, and there are few film makers, who are daring to produce the movies, which are not only promoting Hindutva, but also trying to break the ongoing anti-Hindu narrative. This is indeed a welcome change, which must be appreciated by one and all, as this is the right way to cleanse the Bollywood from inside.

For a long time, we have a coterie of Bollywood biggies, who make all the efforts to demean any film even remotely associated with the Hindutva, or showing Hindus and Dharma in right light. We have seen how these people have targeted the pro-Hindu film like “The Kashmir Files”, “Kantara”, or Nationalistic movies like “Uri”.

These people criticize such movies, do spread intense propaganda, name and shame the producers and actors, all to ensure no producer dare to make such movies. On the other hand, we have another sort of people, who are exposing the Bollywood’s nefarious agenda. These people expose film plots, scenes, and songs, which have inserted in the movies to put negative image of Hinduism on viewer’s minds.

However, we have see another group of people who are mindlessly attacking any movie, in the name of exposing Bollywood or exposing anti-Hindu narrative. We have seen such attempt during the release of Ajay Devgn starrer Bholaa.

Bholaa is an official remake of the Tamil hit Kaithi. Bhola, a prisoner, is finally going home after 10 years of imprisonment to meet his young daughter. His journey gets difficult when he is arrested mid-way. At first, he is not aware of the grave situation he has got himself into but after a crazy incident takes place, he must travel a pathway full of crazy obstacles with death lurking around every corner.

The movie takes cue from Hinduism and has included various elements associated with the Hindu Dharma. We can see how Ajay’s character is smearing some ash on his forehead. We can see how trishul has been shown prominently. Ajay Devgn is portraying a role of a Lord Shiva-devotee, who is fighting with a barrage of villains to protect his daughter.

However, few people are using this opportunity to demean this movie, that too with some lame logic. Here one prominent twitter handle wrote this tweet to criticize this movie.

Ye kaisa Bholaa trishul ke saath?

Can they create similar cartoons around other deens?

Why always and only Hindus?

Well, these statements were made before the release of this movie, and we are failed to understand how these people are so much sure about the so called anti-Hindu narrative of this movie? In the above picture, the actor is showing an intense expression, while showing Trishuls around him. How these people are calling him Cartoon?

These people went ahead with their anti-Bholaa propaganda and called it an attempt to equate a prisoner with Bhagwan Shiva. Well, I have watched this movie, and I can testify that there is no such attempt in this movie, where Ajay Devgn is being equated with Bhagwan Shiva.

These people are also criticizing Ajay Devgn’s look in this movie, and terming it as druggie-looking character. Well, this is again a plain lie. The look of the character is indeed quite serious, but certainly not like a druggie, as claimed by few.

Many fans on Twitter are unimpressed by this particular scene from the film, which has gone viral. In the said scene, Ajay Devgn’s character, a prisoner, is eating chicken after coming out from jail. His character is a Shiva Bhakt as well. There is a Shiva bhasm on his forehead. Fans have taken offense to the fact that the entire scene is mocking Lord Shiva. Secondly, why is Ajay Devgn, a Hindu actor, eating chicken in the scene?

Well, these people again went overboard while criticizing film producer and Ajay Devgn for this specific scene. While people may not be pleased with such scene, where actor is openly eating chicken meat, but linking it with Shiva devotion and Hinduism is utter non-sense.

There are millions of Shiva devotee’s in India, who consume meat. So can we call them anti-Hindu by this logic?

We need to understand that Bollywood has a come a long way from showing villians with tilak and tripund to showing heroes with them. Its time we appreciate them instead of blind hatred and illogical criticism. Like it or hate it Bollywood is a soft power and can influence masses.

While entire anti-Hindu gang and pseudo secular-liberal cabal is heavily criticizing Bholaa for its pro-Hindu theme, our own people are also criticizing it to make the matter worst. We must use this medium to spread our message, instead our people hurl illogical criticism. This will only demotivate the film makers, who are making films on Hindu-centric themes.


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