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Operation Pelican- Indian Army’s plan to re-capture our territory from China; but shot down by the then PM Rajiv Gandhi


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In India, post-independence politics has been dominated by the Nehru-Gandhi family. Our nation is still facing a lot of challenges and problems, that have been inherited due to this the legacy of this family.

Today, we will discuss one unknown fact which could have changed the dynamics of South-East Asia forever. It was an action, if taken, that could have changed the geopolitical and geo-strategic equations in the Indian Sub-continent. However, it is a saga of another failure of will and policy by the Gandhi dynasty.

India and China are at loggerheads for more than 6 months, and a clear solution is yet to be seen. The situation along the Line of Actual Control in the Ladakh region remains tense as thousands of Indian and Chinese troops remain deployed at the front after a series of Chinese transgressions in the Galwan and Pangong Tso areas of Ladakh since June last year.

In recent news, it was stated that China has developed some structures in Sumdorong Chu valley in Tawang, the area erstwhile a part of Arunachal Pradesh. Opposition parties, including Congress, questioned Prime Minister Modi over the alleged construction of a village in the territory.

Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi went a step ahead and mocked PM Modi’s promise and accused him of letting the Chinese occupy Indian territory openly.

However, call it Rahul Gandhi’s negligence or cunning political convenience, that he forgot that it was his own Congress Party and Grandfather Nehru, who are to be blamed for this occupation. It was Nehru’s lackluster policies towards China, which led to the colossal loss in the 1962 war. The concerned land is under Chinese occupation for many decades. Nehru Gandhi Dynasts never tried to capture that land from the Chinese, because they had no will power and intentions as well.

Though, we did get an opportunity to recapture our land from the Chinese, but alas the same Gandhi dynasts lost that opportunity as well. You will be surprised and shocked to know that during Rajiv Gandhi’s regime, the then Army Chief planned an Operation but Rajiv Gandhi denied him permission to push back PLA from this region.

Operation Pelican – Hatched by Indian Army, shot down by Rajiv Gandhi

Indian Army suffered a massive blow in 1962, and the reason for that is known to everybody now. It was more of a Government’s policy execution failure, rather than a military failure. Indian Army gave a bloody nose to China in 1967, at Cho la and Nathu la, which prove the credentials of the might of the Indian Army.

Indian Army hatched a plan to flush out the Chinese Army from the occupied territory Sumdorong Chu valley and nearby areas. The plan was carved out and shared with the Defence Ministry and PMO. It was named Operation Pelican and it was quite surgical in nature, as the focus for the same was at a specific region only.

Indian Army was ready and hoping for a quick approval. However, the then PM Rajiv Gandhi quashed the plan and instead went to Beijing in 1986 on a friendship trip. Gandhi Family’s obsession with China is quite visible, as, after 20 odd years, it was the same Gandhi Family that signed an undisclosed agreement with China’s Communist Party (CCP).

Congress’ lethargic Policies, that led to occupation of our territories

There was a wrong policy of government during the Congress regime. They didn’t construct roads up to the border which left a buffer zone of 3-4 km, which was occupied by China in a systematic way. China occupies the area then it constructs hard structures like houses, dams, military installations. It isn’t a new thing, it’s all inherited from Congress.

From the 80s till today, the Chinese have occupied this area and they have constructed a military base on land in the Indian Territory as per the McMahon line.

What Modi Government is doing?

It is matter of extreme concern and shame that our previous Governments never pay any attention to build infrastructure in border area. Whereas, the China has undertaken such infrastructure construction in the past several years. However, since the arrival of Modi Government, the equation has been changed and our government too has stepped up border infrastructure which has provided much-needed connectivity to the local population.

This is the primary cause of China’s newfound aggression in recent years. Well, China is an enemy and it’s aggression is quite understandable. But we are shocked to see the aggression shown by the Congress party and illogical rants by their leaders. It is important to know their secret agreement with CCP, god knows what kind of agreement they have signed and what kind of compromise they have made.


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