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Naked display of one’s own cult – Shahrukh Khan blatantly disgraces the last rites of Lata Mangeshkar Ji


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What are correct Etiquettes to follow if you go to pay last respect to a person of different religion than yours?

Display your own religion or simply stand holding your hands down, head bowed with closed eyes & pay your last respect.

It is solemn etiquette & religion neutral. If the family of Lata Mangeshkar ji wanted to display secularism they would have called Pandit, Maulawi & Priest to recite religious sermons of all religion.

Lata Di was Hindu & her family is following her religion in her final journey. Everyone attending her last darshan should have respected that. Your religion is secondary there & no need to display it. Paying last respect is Primary.

When a Hindu goes to pay last respect to a Muslim or Christian, he does not start chanting bhajans or Shlokas there.

If your religion does not permit you to follow other religion’s practice then stay religion neutral.

Hindus going to pay last respect to their Muslim friend tie handkerchief on their head. That is religious tolerance. What Shahrukh did was Religious intolerance & naked display of his religion.#latamangeshkarji #lata

The above excerpt has been taken from a Facebook wall of a user.


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