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Muhram procession allowed, Ganesh visarjan restricted, Is the Nizam Rule back in Hyderabad ?

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Hyderabad : Supreme court had passed an order that there shouldn’t be any procession on Muharram considering the pandemic situation. The ruling party of k. Chandra Rao (KCR) seems to be disrespectful towards supreme court orders too. A full fledge procession was carried out on the day of Muharram in the security of the police. Thousands of people gathered violating the court orders and ignoring the threat of the covid-19. The court while denying the the permission stated that if the orders was violated the commissioner of Police would be authorised to take the action. But the city police commissioner seems to have himself granted permission. With this was he trying to do some favour for the society or was it a tight slap on the Hindus for stopping them to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi?

The government of Hyderabad had urged people to avoid celebrating Ganesh chaturthi and follow social distancing. Not only Ganesh festival but also Bonalu, a traditional Hindu festival was also restricted to celebrate. For those who are not aware of Bonalu, it is a Hindu festival where goddess Mahakali is worshipped. On this day lakhs of devotees throng the temples for paying obeisance to Mahakaali. The most important part of this festival is Ghatam. It implies a copper pot decorated in form of mother goddess and carried by priest wearing traditional dhoti and half body smeared in turmeric. Traditionally ghatam is taken as a procession placed on elephants from the first day of festival to the last day when it is immersed in water. This festival was started back in 19th century when the people of Hyderabad and Secunderabad were suffering by the outbreak of plague.

The KCR government seems to be acting as the eighth Nizam of Hyderabad and considering Hindus as a second class citizen.These invaders demolished our temples , burnt our holy books and the precious knowledge that was preserved in the nalanda university etc are now trying to put a stoppage or get a hold on the Hindu festivals too. Ganesh festival and Bonalu cannot be celebrated due to the pandemic, but Muharram can be celebrated. Why are those secularist keeping a mourn on such incidents even when the order of the supreme court is also being kept at stake and situation of covid-19 is also been brushed out? It clearly shows the picture of law and order of the KCR government who always try to appease the minorities for their selfish gains and politics.

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