Massive Anti-China protests erupted in PoK against illegal construction of dams

Pic Credit - ANI
Picture Credit - ANI

It seems, problems for China are far from over anytime soon. The new anti Chinese front has been opened in its all weather friend Pakistan. Per reports, a massive protest against China and Pakistani government have been taking place in Muzaffarabad of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) against the illegal construction of Dams on the Neelam and Jhelum rivers.

On Monday, a massive protest rally was held by local residents to condemn illegal construction of Neelum Jhelum and Kohala Hydro power projects. The protesters highlighted environmental impacts caused by the dams constructed by Pakistan Government and China. The Locals are miffed with the Pakistani Government and China as both are hell bent on oppressing the voice of locals.

A massive Social media campaign on Twitter and Facebook has been started, a Hashtag #SaveRiversSaveAJK was also launched to highlight the issue on global platform. The protesters asked under which law is the river agreement of disputed region was signed between Pakistan and China?

They also said that Pakistan and China are violating UN Security Council resolutions by occupying rivers. This may force thousands of locals to flee from their homes and going by the record of Pakistani Government, they cant even expect a compensation for themselves.

Protesters also added that they will be marching towards Kohala project and continue protest there until it does not stop. Protesters were also accusing Pakistani Army for using force against them and suppressing their Human rights and freedom.

POK is an Indian Territory which was occupied by Pakistan in 1947 and its a long pending dispute between both the nations. India has raised objections on such constructions in POK several times.

We would also like to state that a 3 Party agreement was signed between a Chinese company and the Governments of Pakistan and China for construction of a 1,124 megawatt Hydro power project in Kohala, which will cost 2.4 billion USD dollar. The hydropower plant project on Jhelum river comes under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), has been awarded to Kohala Hydropower Company Ltd (KHCL), which is a subsidiary of China Three Gorges Corporation (CTGC).


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