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Love Jihad – How to fight this Social and Religious Menace?


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Love Jihad has been one of the most used buzzwords of late. This word has created a sort of political and social storm in India, at least in the last couple of years. The term “love jihad” is generally used as a pejorative for inter-religious marriages between Hindus and Muslims. The term is mostly deployed to expose the conspiracy on part of Muslim men to lure Hindu women through love with the intent of taking their advantage and then ultimately converting them to Islam.

Love Jihad term was rarely used a decade back. The first official reference of the term Love Jihad was first heard in Kerala, where a Catholic church started pushing this theory of conversion, where Christian women were being conned by Muslim men and then being converted to Islam.

In 2009, the Kerala Catholic Bishops Council made a sensational claim, that up to 4,500 Christian women had been targeted and converted to Islam using this strategy. Pro Hindu group, the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, also came forward and claimed that more than 30,000 women in Karnataka alone had already been duped and converted by Muslim men.

Love Jihad – Modus Operandi

There has been a case study conducted by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, which step by step explains the modus operandi behind this entire conspiracy. It explains how young Muslim men are trained in religious camps, they have been provided with the intricacies of love jihad, once they are trained, they sent out to ensnare Hindu women. Their only objective is to finish off Hinduism once and for all by changing the demography pro-Hindu areas, by ensuring that Hindu girls give birth to a Muslim child, which ultimately increases the Muslim population in that specific area.

Love jihad is indeed a well thought out and coordinated attempt to destabilize the demographic balance in India. It starts when a Muslim youth takes a Hindu nickname, wears red threads (kalawa) around their wrists and tilaks, and then approach Hindu women to seduce them. They get proper support and guidance from the local madrasa and mosques.

The most shocking thing is that they even have a hierarchy of targets based on religion and caste, with specific cash and another sort of rewards for luring women from any specific religion or caste. Brahmins girls are the most coveted possession, as Maulanas are very well aware that by targeting and destroying the ‘priestly’ class, they have better chances to uproot Hinduism.

Love Jihad getting exposed – States are making laws

In recent years, we have seen numerous incidents of Love jihad. We have seen many high-profile cases, where Muslim youth lure Hindu women, married them, and then killed them because those women refused to get converted to Islam. In the wake of this serious situation, several state governments have pushed through Anti-Love Jihad laws to prevent such marriages by prohibiting religious conversion for marriage.

Per these new laws, the “crime” will be punishable by up to five years’ imprisonment. Multiple BJP-ruled states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Assam, and Haryana have already announced plans for similar laws to counter the practice they insist poses a serious threat to Hindu women.

Hindus are in majority in India, with almost 80 percent of the population and Muslims just over 14 percent. Such kind of deception, fraud, and misrepresentation should be stopped, as this is not just anti-religious practice, it is a criminal and anti-social practice as well.

How Hindus can stop Love Jihad?

Though, gradually state Government’s have started enacting anti conversion and anti Love jihad laws, but that’s not enough, because it’s not the government alone who can stop such religious malpractices, the responsibility lies with the people as well. Here question arises, what Hindus can do to stop or prevent Love Jihad with their females?

But the foremost question is, can we really stop Love Jihad? So, the answer here is certainly not 100% affirmative. But, we can certainly take some steps, which can prevent Love-Jihad up to a great extent. In this article, we will talk about a few such steps, which won’t cost you anything, but will certainly help you to stay associated with your dharma and in-process prevent Love Jihad.

  • Practice Hinduism without any guilt – This is among the biggest reason why Mullah’s are easily target the Hindu females. Practice Hinduism will give one a self confidence and association with the Dharma.
  • Awareness about situation – Hindu should be aware of the situation, and also keep their families aware about the social evils. Conversion and Love jihad are two of the most evil practices in our society, Hindus should ensure our children are made aware of all these malpractices.
  • Hindu Females should wear Mangal-sootra and Sindoor – Hindu females should ensure they wear mangal-sootra and sindoor. Though this is not something mandatory, but yes if one can wear, it will be good.
  • Celebrate Hindu Festivals – Please celebrate Hindu festivals, as it gives you a chance to stay connected with your social circle and cements your association with the Dharma as well.
  • Stay connected with Hindus in your vicinity – One should stay connected with the Hindus in their vicinity. One should visit Temple or any social congregation, as this ensure we are connected with our social roots. Always remember, it is difficult to lure the person, who is connected with his/her own people and society.
  • Give more time to your children – Adolescent female children are more prone to the danger of Love-Jihad. Parent should always give more time to their children, make them aware about the social evils, we should tell them that they should report any suspicious acts in their school or college.
  • Help those who have been duped by Love-Jihad conspiracy – We should offer our help to anyone who is trapped in Love-Jihad, be it legal help or financial help. This will give an impression that Hindu society will stand by the victim, what may come.
  • Report any such incident to Police and VHP – This is certainly most important part, we should keep vigil in our vicinity and report any suspicious behavior or instance to the Police or the nearest VHP office, who can take this up with the competent authorities.


Love Jihad is a social evil, and this must be defeated to ensure our Females get a congenial and safe environment. Government has been doing its bit, but the actual power to stop Love Jihad lies with us, and we have to take the necessary steps to prevent such social malpractice.


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