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Life experiences are best Life Therapist.

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For those who are willing to change their attitude and mind-set life experiences is the best therapist. I think life experiences can facilitate empathetic grasp of what other people have or are experiencing. It is not necessary that the life experience that can change our attitude be a first hand experience. Husband will never give birth to a baby but he can still get an inkling of what it might mean for his wife. One doesn’t need to have experienced everything in order to empathise. If one fail to get that empathetic grasp, a Life Therapist can help.
Being a “Life Therapist” is a special Divine incumbency and those who decide to follow this path will never see it as a career, but as a life mission. A lot of genuine love, compassion, generosity, patience and empathy is required to suggest a person who is emotionally depressed in life.

Yes, to a Life Therapist it is a means of earning as we know everything has a price tag and most importantly the time taken to listen to and do counselling, one has to be remunerated. And also for the one who can get the change of mind-set by spending on self is never a hole in the pocket. But then as I understand ultimately we need to figure out that the human value itself is therapeutic. Although evolutionary techniques and a bunch of academic study on human psychology are important, they are not the only essential. Basic life guidelines can do a better job, if given a thought.

A Life Therapist has a plenty of technical know how and look forward to applying them on those who approach them with emotional issues. To those who do not have the empathetic grasp and also do not want to use those know how technic given but just want to get things off their chests, then the visit to a Life Therapist is futile.

Here I have felt that it the human nature as selfishness and not empathic that seem to be the greater instigator or cause behind an individual’s life problems or suffering. This negative nature puts them in the victim role and points the people around them responsible for their suffering and most of them do not really want to change this thinking. The endless number of therapy sessions will never help if the victim card is played again and again. Unfortunately to such people perceiving and understanding the messages behind certain life happenings are also ineffectual. This situation brings them to see only what they are prepared for and any kind of contribution from the Therapist are unimportant. This takes them to a point in therapy where things do not advance anymore. It is the person’s individual limit to see things, no matter how further a Life Therapist can visualize. As there is no solution to this, the Life Therapist gets branded as unsuccessful counsellor.

A Life Therapist can be of essential help for a person who is desperate or on the verge of a breakdown. But a well intentioned, sensible person in a family can also help without being paid for. The difference is probably related to how hard it is to find that sensible person in a family, who are much easier to find. There is a Kannada saying “Hittala Gida Maddalla” which means The plants in the garden not considered as medicines. It usually is used in the situation like when a person ignores the fact and opportunities in his hand and happiness in life, and search for other opportunities and happiness far away.

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