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International plot to defame the GOI through vicious cases


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Chapter 1 – French NGO files plea to reopen probe in Rafael deal

Sherpa, a French NGO seemingly protecting civil rights and exposing corruption in deals, filed a request to reopen probe in the Rafael deal with French court where the case is currently being heard. The NGO had previously attempted to place the Rafael deal on investigation in 2018[1] and in 2019, however in both instances the National Financial Prosecutor rejected its plea[2]. While Sherpa’s Founding President, William Bourdon has fought exceptional cases the world over, representing a clientele assorting from whistle blowers to international organizations and governments; however, he has also been accused of meddling in foreign country’s internal affairs. As I write on the side-lines of a disturbing Talibanese takeover in Afghanistan[3] resultant of a hasty US withdrawal and along with it, disturbing visuals beaming on social media, it has never been clearer that meddling in another country’s internal affairs in hopes of constituting stability must be coupled with sustained measures, investments into the country alongside a meticulous all-encompassing strategy meant for the people, devoid of any reckless slapdash adventurism as reflected by U.S. today in Afghanistan.

While Sherpa’s work unearthed corruption scandals, righted the wrongs inflicted upon voiceless; its associations and interventions haven’t always been holy. Since its inception, it has associated with the Open Society Foundation, the philanthropical venture of George Soros, a well-known proponent of the leftist agenda. In its 2020 budget[4] it dispensed USD $10.5 million toward “democratic practice” and USD $7.3 million toward “Human rights movements and institutions” for its activities in the Asia Pacific region. Open Society Foundations have catapulted Sherpa’s work supporting them financially and otherwise, all through 2006 till date they appear on annual reports as partner. Tabulated below are donations to Sherpa by Open Society Foundations amongst other notable names:

NGO NameContributionYear
The Sigrid Rausing Trust29,664.792006
The Sigrid Rausing Trust59,180.352007
Open Society Foundation7,431.632007
The Sigrid Rausing Trust59,180.352007
The Sigrid Rausing Trust50,664.982008
Open Society Foundation12,700.002009
Open Society Foundation25,875.942010
The Sigrid Rausing Trust38,575.992010
The Sigrid Rausing Trust56,584.002011
     Table 1 – Contributions to Open Society Foundations (from 2006 onwards)[5]

Open Society Foundation and The Sigrid Rausing Trust complement each other as regards to their ideology (leftist leaning) and objectives. Both foundations have their stars, right from Harsh Mander sitting on board of human rights for Open Society Foundations[6] to Shehla Rasheed from JNU fame and Saikat Datta, noted fake news peddler; being indirectly associated with Sigrid Rausing Trust. As per their current grantees (inset Pic 1 and Pic2), The Trust, which despite some country’s reservations against foreign contributions to certain NGOs, went ahead and funded their programmes. Amongst their numerous past grantees[7], the Internet Democracy Project figure one of them and upon a closer look at their page[8] they boast of having worked with several blue tick profiles on Twitter with Shehla Rasheed and Saikat Datta among them. Herein I like to quote a well-placed writer, Faiza Shah, “NGOs can never and should never replace a democratic, responsive and accountable state and political system[9]”. Shah states in her article, “Our civil society has become hegemonic in itself when certain highly funded NGOs and consortium of NGOs dominate the civil society scene to such an extent that even the state seems less powerful compared to them”[10].

Pic 1  – Sigrid Rausing Trust hides 3 trustees under garb of protecting their work.
Pic 2 – The Trust causes conjecture whether those 3 trustees were from India.

When Sherpa’s partners come from such close quarters certain assumptions and actions are bound to take place. For instance, William Bourdon recently was accused[11] to have collaborated with George Soros of plotting to overthrow the President of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Nguema. Further to this, he was accused in an article by Carmelo Cruz in International Policy Digest[12], of “bankrolling lawsuits” by the Mauritanian opposition against its President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz. These cases were largely funded by the President’s cousin, Mohamed Ould Bouamatou, one of richest men in Mauritania. Bouamatou spent 10 years in exile following his indictment in corruption cases. His organisation, Foundation for Equal Opportunities in Africa (or Fondation Pour L’egalite Des Chances En Afrique, in French) has remained Sherpa’s benefactor over the years. Through the years, Sherpa made a rather obscene history of judicial activism launched upon politically powerful. Their yearly report showcases a vagary of choicest cases they have filed, spread internationally through Uzbekistan, Switzerland, Russia, China, Syria, Liberia, Guyana, India, Uganda and majority of Francophone countries: Mauritania, Monaco, Congo, Niger and Cameroon. The organisation runs what it calls, the Legal Caravans engaging with African civil society thereby forging liaisons and new relationships; training the local populace through its capacity building workshops in largely Francophone countries: Senegal, Congo, Benin to name a few.

Armed with a battery of cases and overt support from the biggest NGOs, Sherpa continues with its journey of filing scrupulous cases against foreign governments.

Rafael deal went under thorough comprehensive scrutiny of Supreme Court twice and of the Comptroller and Auditor General, at a time when Bharat confronted with twin challenges emanating from China and Pakistan, desperately needed to keep up with its adversaries. Ashley Tellis, considered an authority on South Asia, remarked in his report[13], “resolving India’s airpower crisis should be priority for New Delhi”, he further stated, “as of early 2016, the Indian Air Force is weaker than the numbers suggest, at nominally 36.5 squadrons, it is well short of its sanctioned strength, and many frontline aircrafts are obsolete”. To add to the cause this statement by Ashley Tellis is imperative, “IAF’s desire for 42-45 squadrons is compelling, if it is to preserve the airpower superiority, that it has enjoyed since 1971[14]”. Being that we face numerous challenges on various fronts (re. LOC, LAC, China’s hegemony in South Asia and its encirclement of India, terrorism emanating from Pakistan, a fragile Kashmir post Article 370 renunciation, COVID-19 etc.) the ilk of the opposition Congress and its parroting activists in connivance with its international parrots are doing all they can to cause instability and make circumstances favourable to their preferred regime and ideology. It is Modi’s vision of Bharat V.S. the self-entitled residents of 10, Janpath.

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[3] As on 16th August 2021, I had been drafting the article.

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[14] Ibid.

Laveesh Sharma
Laveesh Sharma
Laveesh is an assertive bhartiya passionate about international relations, politics and social causes that further the Hindu dharma. Laveesh is in the international development field having worked with international donor agencies on multiple projects


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