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Khalistani Terrorist & US-Canada Citizen Gurpatwant Singh Pannun threatens to attack Indian Parliament on or before Dec 13


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Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun has released a video in which he said he would attack the Indian Parliament on or before December 13 following an alleged foiled plot to kill him. Notably, December 13 will mark the 22nd anniversary of Parliament attack by terrorists in 2001.

In the video which featured a poster of the 2001 Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru with the caption ‘Delhi Banega Khalistan’ (Delhi will turn into Khalistan), Pannun said a conspiracy to kill him by Indian agencies had failed. He asserted he will respond by attacking the Parliament on or before December 13.

The video features a poster of the 2001 Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru with the caption ‘Delhi banega Khalistan.’ Pannun threatens to take action which will “shake the very foundation of Parliament” following the reported failure of a conspiracy to kill him. His threat was made during the Winter Session of Parliament, which got underway on Monday. The meeting will continue through December 22.

Pannun’s threat came as Parliament is holding its Winter Session, which began on Monday. The session will go on till December 22.

Security agencies were on high alert after Pannun’s threat video surfaced. According to sources, security agencies said the K-2 (Kashmir-Khalistan) desk of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI had given directions to Pannun to further their agenda of propagating the anti-India narrative.

The Delhi Police was also on high alert after the video emerged. A senior police officer said security has already been stepped up in and around Parliament. “No one will be allowed to disturb law and order,” he said.

“When Parliament is on, we remain alert. We are taking all precautionary measures to prevent any untoward incident,” the officer said, adding that security has also been beefed up in entire Delhi.

Last month, The Financial Times, citing unnamed sources, reported that US authorities foiled a plot to kill Pannun and issued a warning to the Indian government over concerns it was involved in the plot. Pannun is the chief of US-based Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), which is banned in India, and is wanted by the Indian probe agencies.

US federal prosecutors also charged a 52-year-old Indian national Nikhil Gupta of working with an Indian government employee in the foiled plot to kill Pannun. US prosecutors informed a Manhattan court that authorities in the Czech Republic arrested and detained Gupta.

A press release by the US Justice Department, quoting court documents, said that earlier this year, “an Indian government employee, working together with others, including Gupta, in India and elsewhere, directed a plot to assassinate on US soil an attorney and political activist who is a US citizen of Indian-origin residing in New York City”.

In response, India expressed concern about one of its government officials being linked to the plot, from which it dissociated itself, as being against government policy. India said last week it would formally investigate the concerns aired by the US, and take “necessary follow-up action” on the findings of a panel set up on November 18.

Why USA and Canada are quiet on Pannun?

As we can see, how USA and Canada were all up in arms to protect their so called citizen Pannun. These countries were accusing Indian Government of orchestrating a plot to assassinate their citizen. However, they are forgetting that Indian government has already Pannun as a designated terrorist, and his anti-Indian acts must not be taken lightly at any cost.

Now Pannun is threatening to orchestrate an attack in Indian Parliament, which is an open violation of India’s sovereignty and security. We are wonder why USA and Canada are quiet on their citizen’s anti-India stance. These countries consider India as their priority partner, but they are nurturing and endorsing such elements on their soil. This isn’t an act of a friendly nation.

Indian Government raised this issue with USA and Canada

India has raised the matter of threats issued by Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun on the Indian Parliament, with the United States and Canadian authorities, the Ministry of External Affairs said on Thursday.

Addressing the weekly press briefing, Arindam Bagchi said, “We do take threats seriously. We are caught in a bind here. I don’t want to amplify too much credence to such extremists who make threats and get a lot of coverage. We have taken up this matter with the US and Canadian authorities. Extremists and terrorists have the tendency to want media coverage on an issue.

Regarding reports of threats on Air India flights by Khalistani extremists, the MEA said that the Indian security agencies will take appropriate action if any criminal activity takes place. “Last month, they had threatened on a particular date…Of course, we would condemn any such threat and our security agencies will take appropriate actions…if there are incidents of criminal activity, or we feel there is a threat, we will take appropriate action,” Bagchi said.

On being asked if India has demanded the US to prosecute Pannun, the MEA spokesperson said that New Delhi seeks assistance through the proper procedure and has flagged its concerns to its partners multiple times.


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