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KBC picked up inspiring story of Ruma Devi to mock Ghoonghat. Would KBC pick up horror story of Shabina to tell social evil of Halala and Burqa faced by Muslim women?


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Question: How does Sony Entertainment Television cunningly weave a narrative to defame and denigrate ‘graceful culture and customs of Hindus’ via Kaun Banega Karorepati (KBC)? 

Answer: Sony Entertainment Television picks up an inspiring and heartening story of Ruma Devi from Barmer Rajasthan to blame her Ghunghat (head covering veil) for all her hardships. 

Question: Would Sony Entertainment Television ever pick up the horror story of Bareilly’s Shabina, who was forced to undergo Nikah and Halala twice, once with her father-in-law and again with her brother-in-law? Imagine a woman living in a hell, where she has to sleep with three men under the same roof? Would Sony Entertainment Television ever invite Halala victim to tell the social evil in Islam? 

Answer: Silence ऽऽऽऽऽऽऽऽऽ

Ruma Devi, a craftswoman in hand embroidery, has trained 22,000 artisans from 75 villages, working in the Thar region of Rajasthan. She has bagged many international awards, but cherry on the cake is Nari Shakti Puraskar presented by President of India, Shri Ramnath Kovind in 2018.

Ruma Devi received Nari Shakti Puraskar. Photo credit: WikiBio

Born in 1988, Ruma Devi dropped out of school due to financial constraints, when she was in 8th class. She got married at the age of 17. However, poverty continued to chase her. Tragedy struck her, when her new born baby boy couldn’t survive after 48 hours after his birth, due to lack of proper medication. 

When life turns into tragedy with no hope left, a woman tends to drown in darkness,  unable to see light anymore. But, Rooma Devi discovered her strength from within, when she lost her new born son, due to financial constraints. Fed up with poverty, she decided to help her family financially. The only skill set Ruma Devi had was embroidering skill taught by her grand mother when she was very young. 

She made a group of 10 local women with the help of Mahila Baal Vikas Group, and collected ₹100 from each member to purchase raw materials and second hand sewing machine. Under the guidance of a social activist, Vikram Singh the group started making cushions, bags, and garments. It was sheer hard work, dedication and perseverance of Ruma Devi and her group members that group of 10 women reached to 22,000 including age group of 17 to 70. 

Audiences of Sony Entertainment Television must realise how cunningly, KBC blamed Ghunghat for Ruma Devi’s hardships, when the episode was aired in ‘Karamveer Episode’ on 20 September 2019. Ruma Devi shares her experience, when she and her colleagues argued their families, they allowed them to go out only with pallu on their heads (veil on head). 

Today, Ruma Devi, who travelled many countries showcasing her works, is a renowned entrepreneur. However, the beautiful lady continues to keep her pallu on her head, as she is still deeply rooted to her culture and customs. She even walked on the ramp with Pallu on her head. Sony Entertainment Television with Sonakshi Sinha—who represents Bollywood where brother-sister and father-daughter keep roaming in revealing clothes without story’s demand—kept mocking and belittling Pallu on Ruma Devi’s head. 

This is how Bollywood brother and sister shamelessly dress themselves when story of movie is not even demanding. Quite naturally. Bollywood would mock Ghoonghat and Pallu on head. Photo Credit: Sara Ali Khan Instagram

Would Sony Entertainment Television dare to invite Bareilly’s Shabina to tell her horror story how she was forced to sleep with her father in law and brother in law in the name of Nikah and Halala? 

35 victims of Nikah Halala and Triple Talaq appealed the Government in July 2018 to take stronger steps to end the brutal practices. Shabina filed an FIR after she said, NO to the hell she was living in. 

Shabina, a resident of Bankhana in Bareilly city, told in a joint press conference with Ala Hazrat Helping Society President Nida Khan that she was married to Wasim, a resident of Garhi-Chaki in 2009. After two years of her marriage, as she was still not blessed with baby, her husband, Wasim gave her Triple Talaq in one sitting. Wasim, then, forced her to marry his father, who also gave her triple talaq to facilitate her remarriage to his son.

What can be more awful and disgusting social evils than Halala, which forces a woman to sleep with multiple men, sometimes in the same family? 

Would any entertainment channel or some producer would make a movie on such social evil? Would they show how relationship are abused to practice the social evil, Halala? 



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