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Why Congress is not paying ‘adequate’ compensation to Babulal Vaishnav’s family…he was a Hindu and burnt alive

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The Political space has been shaken due to an unfortunate lynching of a temple priest Babulal Vaishnav, who succumbed to burn injuries as he was set on fire by a few people at Bukna village, Sapotra, Karauli district of Rajasthan. The priest gave a statement to the police in the hospital that some influential people including Kailash Meena and his sons tried to encroach temple land.

This murder has raised major questions not only on the law and order situation under the Ashok Gehlot government, but it also exposes the dual standards of the Congress Government, which otherwise try to defame BJP Governments on ‘Hindu Politics’ but never give the due compensation or support to the Kins of a Lynching victim.

Here the family of Babulal Vaishnav has said that they will not perform the last rites till the demands are met. The family has demanded a 50 lakh compensation and a government job. The family also demanded action against the Patwari and policemen who are supporting the accused. They have also sought protection from the Congress government, as 7 out of the 8 accused are still on run and they may pose threat to their lives.

However, contrary to their approach in BJP ruled state, where Congress asks 50 Lakh or 1 Crore compensation, Flats and Government jobs for victim’s family, here, in this case, the Gehlot government has decided to provide minuscule support of only Rs. 10 Lakh and a government job to the family of the deceased priest, that too after family’s protest. Is this apathy just because Babula Vaishnav was a Hindu priest?

Remember how Congress reacted to the lynchings of Akhlaq, Pehlu Khan, Tabrez Ansari, and in the recent Hathras case? Look at the statements of their leaders, they were asking the moon for the victims, however, such an approach is not seen in cases in their states.

Apart from the above, no national level of leader, or Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra has intended to pay a visit to Babulal’s family. This shows Congress Leadership’s apathy towards the plight of Hindus in their own ruled states, it also exposes the dual mindset of the Gandhi-Vadra dynasty, which always indulged in some sort of conspiracy to defame Central Government and other BJP ruled states.

If you think this is a new phenomenon, then you are wrong. It has been a constant policy of Congress right after the independence, they have a biased mindset and approach towards Hindus, they always try to demean Hindus in every possible way. However, their nefarious designs are not out in open and a common citizen is understanding their hatred against Hindus at large.

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