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Iran slams fake news, denies ‘dropping’ India from Chabahar Railway project


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From last 2-3 days, there is a news doing the rounds that Iran has dropped India from a key Railway Project in Chabahar region, which was supposed to connect Chabahar Port with Afghanistan border.

The moment this news broken, entire opposition and Media started slamming the foreign policy of Modi Government and hundreds of articles were written against Modi Government and it was projected as if India is getting hammered by all its neighbors one by one.

Rahul Gandhi sensed this opportunity and shared an article with wrong facts to slam the Modi Government. He said that India’s global strategy is in tatters, we are losing power and respect everywhere and Modi Government has no idea what to do.

Congress IT cell picked up this news and started a nefarious propaganda against Modi Government.

However, Opposition’s dream of slamming and humiliating the Modi Government were short lived. In a major development, Iran denied an ‘Indian newspaper’s fake report‘ that India has been dropped from a key rail project along the border with Afghanistan after it showed reluctance in investing fearing USA’s sanctions.

A deputy to Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organization, Farhad Montaser, called the story “totally false because Iran has not inked any deal with India regarding the Zahedan-Chabahar railway”.

He further added that “Iran has only signed two agreements with Indians for investment in Chabahar: one is related to port’s machinery and equipment, and the second is related to India’s investment to the tune of $150m,”.

“We had a list of Indian investments in Chabahar port, which also included the issue of Chabahar railway infrastructure and the railway, but during the negotiations it was not agreed.” said Farhad Montaser.

Picture Credit – www.civilsdaily.com

He added “sanctions have nothing to do to Iran-India’s cooperation in Chabahar”. If there is no project sanctioned to India, then there is no question of dropping India from such project.

‘The Hindu’ newspaper reported on Tuesday the Iran has dropped India from this Railway project and has decided to proceed with the long-stalled rail project with its own resources. Iranian government has organized a track-laying ceremony for the Chabahar-Zahedan rail line last week. It will eventually stretch to Zaranj on the Afghan side, enabling hassle-free trade and movement.

Indian consultancy IRCON had pledged to provide all services and funding for the project, estimated at about $1.6bn, according to the Hindu report.

In 2018, Washington agreed to provide waiver for Chabahar port under the Iran Freedom and Counter-Proliferation Act of 2012, but the newspaper said Indian officials were still wary. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has previously described the port as a vital part of shaping Iran’s economic future.

It is once again evident that Indian Media is trying their best to create confusion among citizens and portraying that Modi Government is a weak government and it is unable to handle the international relations.

It was another ‘Hit Job‘ by Indian Media, which has to be slammed by a foreign country. We have seen such attempts during Rafale issue, when Indian Media spread many fake news, with no sources, included ex-President of France, which later turned out to be a Fake News. Media and Opposition tried their best to disturb the relations between India and other Friend Nations.

Will our Media and Opposition learn a lesson? We don’t think so.


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