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International conspiracy to undermine India’s growth and position


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The desire of many Westerners and Chinese to rule developing and underdeveloped nations even as they themselves are collapsing as a result of their ill-intentions of stealing and exploiting natural and human resources and destroying local culture. Even when they are suffering on all fronts, their ego and ill-intentioned mindset will not allow them to accept India’s and its stalwarts’ rise. Many westerners, particularly followers of communism and Marxism with support from internal enemies of the same ideology, have not taken the rise of Indian businesses, wealth creation through ethical means, youth empowerment technologically and spiritually, cultural bonding, and the march of Bharat towards becoming “Vishwaguru” in the right spirit.

The recent developments of India obtaining the G20 presidency, PM Narendra Modi’s acceptance as the world’s top leader, rising foreign investment in India and rise in exports, strong defence capabilities and rise in export of defence equipment, advancement in space technology and rise in launching rate, Corona vaccine development, vaccination of more than 100 crore people, assistance to many countries in vaccination, economy marching towards 5 trillion dollars, rise of economy from 10th to 5th position. Many such positives have triggered panic among many leaders, organisations, industries, and media outlets globally who have developed the mindset that they are the masters of the world and that whatever they think and work for should happen.

Many opposition leaders are working on behalf of foreign organisations and leaders to derail the PM Narendra Modi government, and many communist and Marxist leaders want to sabotage the growth curve, international relations, foreign investments, and Narendra Modi’s acceptance as a world leader. Their selfish ideology has nothing to do with the welfare of society or the building of a strong nation. In the current situation, their sole goal is to depose the Modi government. As a result, the internal faction with international agencies is constantly creating fake stories and building fake narratives not just to dethrone the Modi government but to harm the socioeconomic growth and reputation on international platforms.

The recent controversy involving industrialist Adani and his group clearly reflects the dirty economic politics played on an international level to create panic among investors, it shows jealousy towards Indian rising among the top three wealthiest people in the world, It demonstrates envy for Indian industrialist rising to the top three wealthiest people in the world, as well as a false narrative by many opposition leaders that Adani and Ambani are close to PM Modi, and PM Modi is working for Adani Ambani’s rise using government machinery. To demonstrate this false narrative, a fictitious story was created by a small international firm with 5 employees.

This is not the first time such issues have arisen; if we look back in time, we can see fake stories or narratives created with the help of international funds and agencies such as Pegasus, the New York Times, the Washington Post and many more. For several months, the fake stories surrounding CAA, NRC, Farmers Bill, and ruckus on the road, as well as violence, dented the image globally and caused socioeconomic deep damage. The people of India must be aware of this disastrous plan and not lose faith, as happened in the Adani case, when the stock market crashed and many investors lost money.

Is it a coincidence that the majority of these issues have arisen just before the start of Parliament’s session? Every time, Parliament was not allowed to function for several days, preventing important bills from being passed and casting a negative light on the Modi government’s working. Disruptions have become an endemic feature of the Indian Parliament’s operation. This has sparked widespread public outrage, focusing on two issues: first, the waste of taxpayers’ money on a perpetually disrupted and thus non-functioning Parliament, and second, legislative paralysis that has stifled governance. However, little thought has been given to the underlying causes of such disruptions.

The narrative of PM Narendra Modi assisting Adani for economic rise through power and wrongdoing, resulting in Adani’s wealth plummeting dramatically after the report, raises the question: can these so-called experts figure out why even Elon Musk has plummeted in the stock market and lost his top position? Was his rise due to Narendra Modi’s support? Tesla, Amazon, Google, and Meta have all lost between 50 and 80 percent of their market capitalizations in the United States. Had Narendra Modi used Indian taxpayers’ money and executive power to aid their rise? Is it necessary for someone to check the IQ of these fake narrative creators? Is it a coincidence that Elon Musk began losing money after acquiring Twitter, and Adani began losing money after acquiring NDTV? Isn’t it critical to look into the role of people like George Soros?

Those who see Narendra Modi and his government working on the principles of Sanatan dharma for the advancement of all citizens without regard for religion, sect, or caste want to destabilise the government for personal gain and to make the nation weak. As the general election approaches next year, we will see an increase in fake stories. The opposition parties, many Modi and Sanatan haters, and a few international organisations and leaders have been shaken by polls by various agencies that clearly indicate “pro incumbency” for Modi’s government with a landslide majority. Their selfish agenda, which they were free to pursue before 2014, is no longer permitted, and their frustration has reached new heights as they realised that this government will return to power.

We as Indians need to realise that our global position and our moves to strengthen each one in every aspect of life need to be seen optimistically, with higher confidence by removing “slavery mentality”. We are no longer dependent on the mercy of Westerners, and we do not want anyone in the world to be dependent on our mercy. Allow everyone to develop ethically by assisting one another.

Pankaj Jayswal
Pankaj Jayswal
Pankaj Jagannath Jayswal, has written more 70 articles/blogs till date in English, Hindi and Marathi. Write 3 to 4 articles every month. I write on Politics, Social, Educational, Environment, Science and technology , History  and spiritual. Authored 3 books as well.


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