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‘Bankrupt’ Pakistan is now hatching conspiracies to defame Indian Armed Forces on ‘Kashmir Issue’


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Pakistan’s dire economic situation just keeps getting worse with reports of a double-whammy from the IMF and its forex reserves dropping even lower. Worse, Islamabad seems to be at odds with Beijing and is staring at a fuel crisis.

This, as its foreign reserves further even fell to $3.2 billion – to around three weeks of imports – its rupee kept falling in January, power outrages left millions in the dark, a food crisis intensified and debt obligation remained dangling over its head.

Pakistan observes 5th February as Kashmir Unity Day against the background of the murders of Hindus. For this day, PM Shahbaz Sharif spends a lot of money. A meeting took place between the contact group of Islamic nation’s organisations and the United Nations about Jammu-Kashmir. In this meeting Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey were present.

Source – Dawn

Rallies will also be held in different cities of the country by social and political organisations to highlight the Kashmir issue. Solidarity walks have been organised in Islamabad, Muzaffarabad, Gilgit, and in four provincial capitals.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif will address a special session of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly in Muzaffarabad today. In his message, the prime minister said that that the entire nation of Pakistan has united to express unwavering solidarity and support with its Kashmiri brothers and sisters.

The Indian Government continues to suppress the basic rights of Kashmiris. They have to struggle for their rights, said Pakistan on Kashmir Unity Day.

In a new conspiracy, Pakistan has reportedly planned protests against India on an international level. According to Indian intelligence agencies, Pakistan has asked its embassies across the world to plan a conspiracy in the Kashmir Valley in a way that would tarnish the image of the Indian government.

Intel agencies have said the Pakistan foreign ministry has sent a secret note to its embassies, detailing new conspiracies against India.

For the ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ (observed by Pakistan on February 5), the Pakistan High Commission in Islamabad sent faxes and emails to all its embassies, detailing the plan to sabotage the Indian armed forces, Intel said.

Meanwhile, on Friday, the army and the Jammu and Kashmir Police arrested six terrorists associated with the proscribed terrorist outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM). A huge cache of arms and ammunition was also recovered from their possession.

During the preliminary investigation, the Jammu and Kashmir Police said it surfaced that the terrorists were affiliated with the proscribed terror outfit JeM and were in touch with terror handlers across the border via various social media platforms.

The arrested accused were hell-bent to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere in Kulgam district by way of carrying out grenade attacks, intimidating innocent civilians, standoff fire attacks on PRI members, minority communities etc, said police.


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