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Human Trafficking of Afghan Women in Taliban regime


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With help of rogue Pakistani handlers, Afghan women could end up in Chinese Harem

The rapid strides made by Taliban controlling vast remote swathes of land alongside the border areas of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Iran as the American troops withdraw from war-torn nation after twenty years. The militant Islamic group is controlling prominent border crossings Spin Boldak, a major gateway to Pakistan & Islam Qala on the border with Iran. And in the coming days the region might experience proliferation in Cross-border crime, drug trafficking and smuggling of fire arms. The prospect of Taliban gaining control of capital city Kabul, has sent shivers down the spine in the Afghani society. The rule between 1996 to 2001 is marked as darkest era for Afghan women. The Jihadist militant outfit backed by Pakistan, is envisioning to establish Islamic emirate in which women are strictly expected to follow the archaic medieval era interpretation of Islam which restricts women’s access to education, employment & health services. The wannabe Islamic emirate expects women to be in full veil and to be escorted in male in public.

The Chinese Communist Party views the rise of Taliban in Afghanistan as an opportunity to fill the power vacuum created by the withdrawal of NATO forces. Beijing is looking to prevent alliance between the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, seeking to establish Islamic rule in Xinjiang and Taliban, which can be used as launchpad for igniting separatist movement in the province. Around one million Uighur men are being detained in Chinese concentration camps. Muslim women are forced to share beds with male Chinese Communist Party officials in the garb of ‘ethnic unity’ propagated by communist nation.

China do exercise considerable leverage over Pakistan which owes billions of dollars for its investment in China Pakistan Economic Corridor. The Chinese have taken control of strategic deep-sea port of Gwadar and are looking to build permanent naval & Airforce base for Chinese Troops. The Pakistani government unable to service Chinese debts have allowed Pakistani girls sold as brides to Chinese men and allowed human trafficking for them to be sent to China. Female foeticide is an acute problem in China with 117 males born to 100 females. The resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan has regrouped with around 10,000 Pakistanis have joined Taliban in warzone with tacit support of ISI. CCP will exercise influence in Afghanistan via Pakistan ISI.

Recently Taliban has asked for list of girls above 15, widows under 45 to be married to their fighters in Pakistan’s Waziristan, where they will be converted to Islam and reintegrated. The move aims to open avenues of human trafficking of Afghan women likely to end in harems of Chinese mainland. Like Uighur women in Xinjiang the prospect of systemic rape and sexual exploitation of women in Chinese / Pakistani controlled Taliban camps is not ruled out. The demand for foreign brides in China is growing exponentially due to 34 million more men than women. Pakistan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, North Korea, Vietnam are active sources of trafficking of human brides. With the possibility of Afghanistan being part of Belt & Road Initiative with Taliban regime in control of Kabul, the prospect of Afghan women being shipped to China for its inability to service the debt agreement is not ruled out.  The state institutionalized human trafficking of women is likely to rise in Afghanistan marking the advent of dark Jihadist Islamic era.

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