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How Dare You Modiji ?


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Dear Modiji, you have done irreparable damage to India and so many Indians in the last 7 years. You have completely undone all the good things done by CONg in the 70 odd years before you became PM.

Do you know how ? No ? Please allow me to explain this in detail

1) A large part of India used to have a very healthy lifestyle and go to bed early, rise early because their villages had no electricity and they had nothing else to after sunset. Now under #SaubhagyaYojana with 99% electrification complete, you have electrified even the remote villages and ruined the villagers’ health. They now have things to do after sundown, some have TVs & mobiles & will get affected by radiation, and their sleep cycles are disturbed…. How dare you Modiji?

2) 70% Indians would go for really long walks for their early morning connect with nature and fellow villagers. After you gave them toilets under #SwachhBharatAbhiyan, all this has stopped, their morning exercise is disrupted and even the village soil doesn’t get the manure it used to get earlier ….. How dare you Modiji?

3) The womenfolk in our villages are so upset with you after you provided 97% homes with cooking gas connections under #UjjwalaYojana. Now, thanks to you, they can no longer enjoy the scenic nature walks, collect firewood for the choolah . Moreover they are also complaining that their lung function has reduced because blowing air into the choolah was an important lung exercise that was advised by their pulmonologists…… How dare you Modiji?

4) These women are also upset that their chitchatting at the village wells has reduced after tap water connectivity has more than doubled to 39% from the earlier 15%. Not to forget the drawing of water from the well was a wonderful exercise for arms & shoulders. Now our village women have become weak because of your initiative…..How dare you Modiji?

5) Do you know Indians would not fall sick under CONg regime because they were afraid that the massive costs of hospitalisation and treatment would kill them before illness did. Now with #AyushmanBharat you are incentivising people to fall sick …How dare you Modiji?

6) Our rural India was richly preserved by CONg, but you came and spoilt it all by increasing rural road connectivity from 55% to 97% & built 1.8 lakh kms of rural road. Now these villagers will no longer be able to preserve their identity and will be able to travel freely to other places…. How dare you Modiji?

7) 1.4 Crore households who were happy with a kachha house are now forced to stay in a pucca home…how boring Sir, they now have to see the same interiors year after year …. How dare you Modiji?

8) During CONg rule our agencies and police were all so sharp and under high alert all the time because Pakistan sponsored terrorists would conduct attacks and blasts with impunity. Terrorists were also getting caught regularly. Now under your Govt no terrorists are being caught because there are no bomb blasts etc., and even our agencies have become relaxed… this is not good …. How dare you Modiji?

9) Poor youth from Kashmir used to prepare for “shot put” “javelin throw” & “cricket” using stones sponsored by our friendly neighbour. The Hurriyats, Muftis, Abdullahs had done so much to build bridges with Pakistan that Pakistanis literally considered them their own. By abrogating #Article370 you stopped the training of the youth and rendered these ambassadors of “Aman Ka Tamasha” jobless…. How dare you Modiji?

10) Shri Ram Janmabhoomi matter was in courts for decades. Political parties were accusing BJP of milking this issue on the eve of every election. By ensuring political will to expedite this matter and bringing it to a conclusion you have done cheating Modiji. Now that all hurdles are cleared for construction of a grand #RamMandir , the CONg cannot blame you for milking this anymore…. How dare you Modiji?

11) I can go on and on about this Modiji, but I will end with the biggest damage you have done to so many Indians, who for many years have selfishly supported the Grand Old Party that gave India freedom. You know how we are fond of eating and are such great foodies. However with your “Na khaaonga, na khaane doonga” policy so many people have lost their catering business of “khana, khilana”. Please allow me to list them down

A. People in various departments of Government machinery are now scared to look under the table and keep their lunch boxes on the table in full public view. This is highly intolerant of you.. How dare you Modiji?

B. Our ruling elite would go on vacations to Switzerland etc. & while holidaying they would manage their bank accounts there. Now with no new deposits you have really ruined their family time…How dare you Modiji?

C. See the poor Arthias who are demonstrating for the last several months demanding a rollback of #FarmLaws. By empowering the farmer you have rendered these poor middlemen jobless….How dare you Modiji?

D. By giving a #JanDhan account to almost every Indian you have now ensured 100% of the subsidy amount goes directly to the beneficiary. Earlier 85% of it used to fill stomachs of the poor agents in between, now where will they earn money from? ….. How dare you Modiji?

E. #DigitalIndia has rendered so many dalals …sorry agents, in various Govt. departments jobless. Now passports, driving licenses, Aadhar Cards etc. are secured at the click of mouse. Such a shame Modiji…where will these agents go now? …. How dare you Modiji?

F. Prior to your arrival so many NGOs were involved in such honourable work of providing rice bags to the poor. They would get donations in millions of dollars from philanthropists overseas and because they were involved in charity, they never felt it was important to comply with FCRA norms. Your cruel Govt. cancelled thousands of FCRA licenses of these NGOs on flimsy grounds of non-compliance with taxation etc. laws, and deprived poor Indians from getting their rice bags…. How dare you Modiji?

G. Our acclaimed journalists who received Padma Awards from CONg used to have a good PR & lobbying business. They would accompany your predecessors on your foreign tours but not anymore. A couple of them were even able to help some poor ministerial aspirant get his/her portfolio of choice. Today they are reporting from funeral grounds… How dare you Modiji?

H. Big businessmen like Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, and Mehul Choksi had to leave the country and to make matters worse for them the ED under your Govt. has recovered an unprecedented 84% of the amount they owed to the banks through forced attachments & seizures….. How dare you Modiji?

So dear Modiji, do you now realise all that you have done in just 7 years of your rule? I hope the people of India realise this too, and punish you again in 2024 to become our PM with a bigger mandate than that of 2019.

This time I will not say “How dare you” but will end this piece with “Thank You Modiji” , India owes you a ton of debt & we love you.


Author : PenName , Sameer@Besura Tansen


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