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Hours after London, Khalistani Radicals attack Indian consulate in San Francisco, USA


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While the Punjab government cracks down on Amritpal Singh and his aids, Khalistani radicals have started systematic attacks on Indian foreign missions in United Kingdom and USA. Yesterday, these terror elements vandalized the Indian High commission in London and desecrated our national flag too.

After a few hours the same radicals have attacked the Indian Consulate in San Francisco on Sunday. Meanwhile in Australia, Khalistan supporters gathered outside the parliament building in Canberra, protesting against the police crackdown.

Visuals shared online showed a huge mob brandishing Khalistan flags mounted on wooden poles, using it to smash glass doors and windows of the consulate building in the US. On the wall of the building, graffiti has been painted with the words ‘#FREEAmritPal.’

Major Surendra Poonia in his tweet said that it was unacceptable and shocking that no action was taken by the US government. “Unacceptable. Khalistani miscreants attacked the Indian consulate in San Francisco after Indian officials removed Khalistani flags from consulate building,” Poonia tweeted.

Earlier today, several media houses reported about a massive protest held by hundreds of khalistani radicals at San Francisco in support of separatist preacher and head of Waris Punjab De, Amritpal Singh Sandhu, who has been declared a fugitive in India. 

While there was no immediate comment from San Francisco police, the incident has prompted sharp criticism from Indian Americans. 

India lodges strong protest with the US and UK

India on Monday registered strong protest with senior US diplomat over vandalism at the Indian consulate general in San Francisco during demonstration by Khalistan supporters, people familiar with matter said.

India registered a strong protest with the ministry of external affairs saying tat the senior-most UK diplomat in the national capital was summoned on Sunday. “An explanation was demanded for the complete absence of the British security that allowed these elements to enter the high commission premises. She was reminded in this regard of the basic obligations of the UK government under the Vienna Convention,” the MEA said in a statement.

Barrage of attacks on Indian establishments in Foreign countries

We have seen a barrage of attacks on Indian establishments and religious bodies in countries such as USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. On Wednesday, March 17, the Indian Consulate in Brisbane was forced to close down due to safety concerns after Khalistan radicals blocked the entry of the office forcefully. That incident was the latest in a series of radical activities against the Indian community in Australia.

The situation has become quite alarming, especially at the Indian high commissions and consulates in Western countries, where Khalistanis are orchestrating frequent attacks, and the concern is that nobody is taking any action against the accused.

These nations are also failing to provide adequate security to the Indian establishments and religious bodies. We have seen in the above video, that there was no security available for the Indian consulate staff, and similar scenes were seen in London as well.

Things are no better in Canada, where a wave of temple desecrations have taken place in recent times and pro-Khalistani graffiti scrawled on temple walls, but no perpetrator has as yet been punished.

This sudden wave of Khalistani attacks on Indian embassies, Hindu temples, and people of Indian-origin is not a one off matter. This is a deep seething conspiracy against India, and the lax attitude of our so-called allies and fellow ‘Commonwealth’ nations towards anti-Indian separatists openly operating from their soil, has only make the things worst.

What hope can we have that they will come to our aid in the event of hostilities with our northern neighbor? Clearly, the colonial hangover persists and ‘divide and rule’ policy lives on.


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