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Actress Payal Ghosh reveals Anurag Kashyap tried to sexually molest her, Dear Jaya bachhanji Isn’t bollywood getting defamed now ?


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A sensational claim by the actress Payal Ghosh, has gone viral on social media. The actress claimed that filmmaker Anurag kashyap has sexually assaulted her. He tried to enforce himself on her. She also claimed that on taking objection Anurag confronted that such physical relationship are normal in the Bollywood industry also the actresses that worked with him like Huma qureshi, Richa chadda, Mahi Gill are just a call away and ready to submit themself. The actress in the video also claimed that Anurag had consumed drugs / alcohol when she reached his place.

This exposes the real face of Bollywood. Recently Anurag Kashyap alleged that few people are trying to defame bollywood & denied that there is any drug addictions or business of the same in bollywood. It’s to be noted that Mr Kashyap is the same person who talks about the women empowerment and their liberation but the fact revealed by the actress show that woman for him is just a pleasure toy. Isn’t this Hypocrisy ?

Asking help from the pmo the actress has demanded to expose the reality of Anurag. Kangana Ranaut tweeted” Every voice matters”. This is not the first time the Bollywood personalities are accused of sexual offences.

My question is now where is Jaya bachchan? People from Bollywood are coming up with the dirty secrets behind the scenes. Doesn’t the Bollywood gets a bad name now? Will you still say that all the people belong to the same clang “jis thali…”? We request you to give up this false ideology and do not try to save the wrong people from your circles. Will you stand for the justice to the actress or try to save the ugly faces of Bollywood ?


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