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Haj House in Dwarka- Locals are Up in Arms against the Muslim Appeasement of Kejriwal Govt


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Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and his party AAP are known for their ulterior motives and nefarious agenda of secularism to stay in the power. His party and leaders are known for taking pro-Muslim and anti-Hindu stances quite often. Be it opposing Ram Mandir’s construction, or making false allegations of corruption in Ram Mandir’s donation, be it open support of rioters of Delhi, or nurturing Rohingyas in Delhi, they are always ready to go to any extent against Hindus.

In order to blatantly taking steps against Hindus and please their vote bank, Delhi Government has decided to construct a Haj House in Dwarka Sector-22, which has created a tense environment in the nearby areas. Though the proposal to construct a Haj House in Sector 22 is not new, the foundation stone for this proposed haj house was laid in 2008 by then CM Sheila Dikshit. Since then the project was put on the backburner, but it was in 2018 when Kejriwal led Delhi Government initiated the process of construction when they allocated Rs 94 crore for it.

Assessing the situation and its potential outcomes, the residents in Dwarka have started questioning the benefit of building a Haj House for Muslim pilgrims, which could cause another Tablighi Jamaat situation, and may destabilize the demography of the area. Also, this structure is not going to benefit the Muslim community in the area.

Thousands of people, including pradhans and residents from surrounding villages such as Palam, Dhool Siras, Bharthal, Pochanpur, and Bamnol, had gathered in protest Friday at the site for the proposed Haj House.

Here it is important to note that the Tablighi Jamaat congregation in Delhi’s Nizamuddin Markaz Mosque turned into one of the largest Covid super spreader events last year, which resulted in an onslaught against the Muslim community. The congregation had participants not just from across India but even parts of Southeast Asia.

What is this proposed Haj House?

The Haj House was first proposed in 2008 by then Delhi CM, Sheila Dikshit. It will provide immigration assistance, accommodation, prayer rooms, dining spaces and do away with the need for Haj pilgrims to stay at transit camps. The project was allotted around 5,000 square meters of land in Dwarka’s Sector 22, and in 2018, the AAP-led Delhi government allocated Rs 94 crore for it, allegedly to appease its vote bank.

AAP’s Ill-intentions

Here the intentions of CM Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party are quite wicked, to say the least. They are indeed trying to create another opportunity to initiate a communal conflict and internecine divide by building a Haj House in Dwarka, which is an area surrounded by more than 370 villages inhabited mostly by Hindus.

From the day it went into the planning stage, much before the vast tract of prime land, worth thousands of crores were allotted for the Haj House, which will be constructed with an approximate cost of INR 100 crore. The locals are afraid that such a massive structure will impact the demography in this area, and may create a bone of contention between different communities.

We have seen numerous such instances in past, where the construction of Haj house, Major Mosque of Madarasa specifically in pro-Hindu areas usually disturb the local demography, the environment and even impact the jobs and household work opportunities.

Locals are up in arms against Haj House

Locals are angry against this project and they have also written to Delhi’s Lt-Governor to cancel the allotment of land for the project without any delay. Locals have already requested the Government and LG to build either a hospital or a sports stadium at that location. Meanwhile, the general feeling is gaining ground in various circles in the midst of vociferous protests from the locals, the location of the project, if seen so essential in Kejriwal Government’s policy framework, should be shifted to some Muslim-majority area of Delhi, ideally a Waqf Board land.

Locals are up in arms against any ulterior step from the government, they have given a stern warning to the administration and government to stay away from taking any step against the local sentiments, and it may have long-term repercussions.

There is a strong apprehension among the locals that that harmony and peace in the area, apart from law and order, will be disturbed if the said Haj House is allowed to be constructed. From the past incidents, people have understood that it could lead to the migration of Hindus or riots between communities, and repetition of situations like Shaheen Bagh or Jafrabad.

Local resident welfare associations have sent a joint letter to the LG, where they have mentioned that “around 15 lakh people live in Dwarka, if the Haj House is built, buses will come from Mewat, which will cause traffic jams. The government is spending taxpayers’ money; why are they building something for just one community?”

Will Kejriwal Government step back?

In the light of these serious developments, germinating out of the locals’ resentment, it seems Kejriwal’s government is not going to take further steps, but people are still not sure about his ulterior motives. Kejriwal and his party’s leaders, specifically from the Muslim community are known for creating communal strife and tension and this has been proved last year when AAP leaders provoked people and hatched the conspiracy to kick in communal riots in Delhi, which caused the death of more than 50 innocent people.

Well, it seems people have now started understanding the repercussions of allowing the construction of such communal structures in their areas, and they are rightfully opposing this Haj House for their social welfare.

It is not the question of the locals of Dwarka, it is a question for Hindus and they should come together and support this fight against the pro-Muslim government of Arvind Kejriwal.


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