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Grammy winner Ricky Kej creates a Rousing video of Refugees singing India’s National Anthem; BUT where are Hindu Refugees?

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On the occasion of India’s Independence Day, the renowned musician and Grammy award winner Ricky Kej has created an emotional rendition of our national anthem. He and 12 refugee singers from four nations have delivered a heart-warming performance of the Indian national anthem.

This video has been made in association with the United Nations India and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. The refugees hail from Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Afghanistan, and Cameroon.

The Ministry of Culture has shared this video on Twitter ad wrote: “Love for India is pouring from around the world! On the occasion of India’s 75th Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, Grammy Award winner – @rickykej and 12 refugee singers from 4 nationalities pay tribute to the national anthem.”

Among the people in the video were Gheyas, Aquila, Abdullah from Afghanistan, Disanthana from Sri Lanka, and Odettte from Cameroon. Aura, Rem Mawi, Len Nuam, Victor, Maria, Muanpi, and Chan Chan from Mayanmar is also featured in the video.

Union minister Hardeep Singh Puri on Sunday shared the video in a tweet and said: “India lives in the hearts of these young people, from countries in our volatile neighborhood, who have found refuge, hope & future in the ever welcoming embrace of Mother India”.

United Nations Lauded the effort

UNHCR India wrote on its Instagram account: “For India’s 75th Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, 2 x Grammy Award winner @rickykej with 12 refugee singers pay tribute to the national anthem with a blend of emotions and melody.”

“We congratulate the people of India people on this 75th Independence Day. We thank the people and Government of India for your kindness, love and support.” said the singers in unison, the UNHCR wrote.

Well, there is no word to appreciate this effort, as this shows how India has embraced the refugees from our neighbors, who are being persecuted brutally. It shows how people live in a highly volatile neighborhood, who have found refuge, hope, and a future in the ever-welcoming embrace of Mother India.

Why there isn’t a single Hindu Refugee in this Video?

However, after watching this video, we were filled with anguish and disappointment. You may think why would we think like that, but we have a legit reason for this letdown. There is a person from Afghanistan, who is a Muslim by his name at least.

But don’t you think the Hindus and Sikhs who are the more persecuted ethnic groups, have faced the wrath of Islamic terror and were forced to flee the country? Why there isn’t any Hindu from Afghanistan shown in this video, who took refuge in India?

There are millions of Hindus in India, who were kicked out of their homes in our neighboring countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh, who should have been chosen to play a part in any such campaign. The world must know what Hindus have faced all along in these so-called Islamic nations.

Or shall we say that the United Nations India, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and Ricky Kej failed to find a single Hindu Refugee in India, who would be worthy enough to be a part of this campaign?

Afghans have ‘Little Kabul’ in Delhi, but Hindu Refugees don’t get anything

A large number of Afghan refugees call India their home, and in the national capital, the community lives largely in the Lajpat Nagar area in south Delhi, earning the enclave the moniker of ‘Little Kabul’.

But Hindu refugees from neighboring Islamic countries don’t get any such benefits from the state governments. Recently we have seen how Pakistani Hindus were struggling to make arrangements for electricity and food in Delhi.

UN cries foul for Muslim and Christian Refugees, but conveniently ignores Hindus

This video is an example of a highly biased approach of the so-called liberals and UN torchbearers. They have selectively engaged the refugees who suit their agenda. You may find Muslims, Christians, and even Buddhists in this video, but the biggest refugee population of the Indian subcontinent (read Hindus) is missing.

United Nations never raise the issues of forced persecution of Hindus, it never acknowledges the concept of Hinduphobia in this region, which has been used to suppress the voice of Hindus. They instead acknowledge Islamophobia and give Muslims much-needed sympathy and cover to hide their evil acts.

We know, the entire nation is basking in the glory of 76th Independence Day. But we must never forget those, who made the supreme sacrifice, who were forced to leave aside their homes, their identities, and even their religions and take refuge in India, the Unfortunate Hindus.

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