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Google allows Ghazwa-e-Hind once again on Google Play Store – Why Google acts as a Jihadi Stooge?

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Google has once again listed Radical Islamic literature on Ghazwa-e-Hind on its Play store. Considering the kind of hatred this text propagates against Hindus and India, many social media users took notice of this blatant violation of the sensitivity of Indians and questioned that how Google could openly give a platform to an ideology of terrorism, violence and radicalisation.

The term Ghazwa-e-Hind (holy raid of India) has been used by the Islamic invaders and Terrorists for centuries. This concept of Ghazwa-e-hind originates from several Islamic literature named Hadiths.

Picture Credit – Google Play Store

This dangerous and anti-Hindu doctrine predicts an onslaught upon citizens of India by Islamist forces and its take over by them. The doctrines are widely used by radical organizations to indoctrinate Muslim youth into terrorism by asserting that conquering the lands of ‘non-believers’ is their holy duty.

Here, it is important to note that similar applications were featured on Google Play Store in 2019, which were removed past heavy protest by Indian netizens. It is shocking to know how Google is allowing such a radical and Anti-Hindu application on their platform again and again.

Google Play Store is an official application store, that allows users to browse and download applications. Google claims that it reviews the application entries and after due diligence and many formalities and background checks, any application can make into the listing of the Play Store.

Picture Credit – Google Play Store

This can not be an error, it is more of a deliberate attempt to provoke people against India and Hindus. Such application can only spread hatred against a specific Nation and Religion, and we really wonder why and how Google has allowed this on their platform. Is Google acting as a Jihadi stooge?

We demand that this application must be withdrawn immediately and Google must employ better checks and controls to prevent the listing of such Jihadi applications in the future. also, such application developers should be banned for life and criminal action should be taken against them.

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