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Global Hunger Index – How is this controversial Report is prepared where India lags behind ‘Poor Neighbors’, is this an ‘Intellectual Terrorism’ conspiracy against us?


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There are certain criteria to know how you are performing in any job. You can find out how you, your organization, or your country is performing by knowing the results of those parameters. There are many similar surveys and reports around the world that measure the performance of any country, and then those countries are ranked accordingly.

These reports create a positive or negative perception about the country, which has an impact on the social, economic and political affairs of that country. The same happens with India, as soon as a positive atmosphere is being created in the country, or the country is achieving new achievements, then there is nothing left for the opposition to speak.

Then suddenly comes a report on poverty or starvation, in which it is shown that most of the people in our country are poor, they do not have food to eat, or their life is miserable. As soon as such a report comes, the opposition attacks on the government, the media starts making noise, it starts trending on social media, while foreign elements also do not miss this opportunity to ridicule India.

In such a situation, most of the people do not understand how to fight with such propaganda, as most of the people drown in the feeling of guilt. They keep thinking that the condition of our country is very bad, the government is useless instead of fighting it out. Anyway, you will fight only when you got the knowledge of a subject. Through this article, we will try to give you information about the Global Hunger Index.

What is Global Hunger Index?

India has slipped to the 107th position in the Global Hunger Index. India is down six places as compared to the last year’s rating. The data for GHI was collected from 136 countries of the world and out of these, 121 countries have been put in the priority list. Due to lack of proper data from the remaining 15 countries, they have not been able to find a place in the priority list.

In this list, India is behind almost all its neighboring countries. India’s position is only slightly better than Afghanistan, which is ranked 109 in this list. The ‘hunger’ situation in India is reportedly being described as critical with a score of 29.1.

This list is released almost every year since 2000. The country whose score is less in this, the more its performance is considered good. The Global Hunger Index is considered a means of monitoring how well a country is able to meet the Sustainable Development Goals related to hunger.

This index looks at multiple dimensions of hunger in any country. First, inadequate availability of food in the country, secondly the lack of nutritional status of children and thirdly the child mortality rate (which is due to undernutrition).

This index is created by a German NGO “Welthungerhilfe“. This organization is supported and supported by the German government, the United Nations and the organization of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Now let us talk about those four parameters, by which this index is made.

  • Undernourishment: In this, the proportion of people in the population who do not get suitable calorie-rich food. The weightage of this criterion is one third in the total calculation.
  • Child Stunting: In this, the proportion of children below 5 years of age is determined whose height is less than other children of their age. This deficiency also occurs due to lack of nutrition. Its weightage in the total calculation is 16 percent.
  • Child wasting: The proportion of children under the age of 5 years whose weight remains less than other children of their age. The reason for this is also the lack of nutrients in the food. Its weightage in the total calculation is 16 percent.
  • Child Morality: Calculates the proportion of children who die before the age of 5. The reason for such early death is lack of nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle. Its weightage is one third in the total calculation.

How is the information gathered for this index?

United Nations, WHO, and various other organizations go to all countries to collect this information. These organizations make samples according to the population and conduct surveys, data are collected by asking questions to the people. Ultimately, this index is created by adding all those data using a specific formula.

Why is this index wrong in India’s perspective?

The central government has strongly objected to the latest report. The Government of India expressed displeasure, saying that the report clearly shows that the report has been negligent in every way and it shows India as a nation which is meeting the food security and nutritional needs of its population. does not do’. The Center said that all the facts stated in this index are baseless and their calculation is also wrong.

At the same time, these institutions selected only 3000 people from India to calculate. You tell yourself whether in a country like India where the population is 138 crores, an index can be made by talking to only 3000 people?

The second problem with this index is the basic facts to calculate it, which do not fit the Indian perspective. According to the Indian government, the daily calorie requirement in India is 1500 for men and 1200 for women. At the same time, while calculating in this index, the lowest calorie requirement is considered to be 1800, which is one and a half times more than India’s basic requirements.

It is important to note here that the daily calorie requirement may be different from country to country, depending on the country’s geographical location, climate, weather, historical eating habits, and many other factors. In such a situation, their criteria do not match the parameters of India.

The next question in your mind may be that why have all these countries suddenly become aggressive on India? To understand this, you try to understand these main points.

  • India has been vocally raising its voice from all forums for the wrong policies and double conduct of the United Nations for some time now.
  • When India made the corona vaccine, the pharma lobby tried to defame India. But still India did not back down, and not only administered this vaccine to crores of its citizens, but also exported the vaccine to more than 100 countries. This has upset the pharma lobby, and Bill Gates’s organization is also involved in this nexus somewhere.
  • Recently, in the African country of Gambia, there was a big uproar over the death of more than 60 children allegedly due to cough syrup manufactured by Indian company. WHO banned this medicine without investigation, while the Indian government called their action incomplete and inconclusive. Later, the President of Gambia clarified that the children died due to a bacteria and not from the effect of this cough syrup. But all of a sudden these institutions started defaming Indian pharma.
  • India has kept a neutral stance in the war between Russia and Ukraine, which has angered America, England and Germany the most. This is the reason why the statements of the leaders of these countries have started coming very objectionable. Germany has raised the issue of Kashmir, while America has started funding Pakistan, on the other hand a woman minister of England made objectionable remarks about Indians, after which the ‘Free Trade Agreement’ between the two countries is now has fallen into disrepair.

Now if you see these four points together, then you will understand why all of a sudden these countries and institutions have started attacking India. At the same time, there is another truth that no matter how much these people make a fuss, but no one can deny that India has exported many millions of tons of food grains and other food items to most of the countries of the world in the last few years.

These countries are Egypt, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Israel, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Switzerland, Thailand, UAE, Vietnam and Yemen. All these countries are far above India in this index, many of them are also developed nations. In such a situation, the question does not arise that if there is so much hunger in India, then how are we able to send so many millions of tons of food items to help other countries?

These figures and indices, which are released simply according to their own mind, without conducting any ground survey about various things of each country, their sole purpose is to create political instability in other countries. I can call this a kind of intellectual terrorism, because in this, the image of your country is tarnished by spreading propaganda.

This type of intellectual terrorism is also different from radical Islamic terrorism, because in this you cannot fight the enemy with weapons. In this you have to balance diplomacy and economic policies, and fortunately our leadership is able to fight this type of attack.


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