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‘META’ exposes the propaganda website ‘The Wire’, Even Liberal and Secular cabal feeling helpless to defend their ‘FOE Champion’


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The Wire has gained a reputation as a huge propaganda outlet over the years. Whether spreading false information against the central government, or spreading lies on Hindu culture and festivals, ‘The Wire’ does everything, that too in the name of freedom of expression.

On Monday, 11 October, ‘The Wire’ published an explosive story, with subject “If BJP’s Amit Malviya Reports Your Post, Instagram Will Take it Down – No Questions Asked”.

They claimed that Amit Malviya, who is the head of BJP IT cell had the ability to unilaterally delete an Instagram post. The Wire reported that Facebook has given Amit Malviya, the IT cell chief of the ruling BJP party, unneeded ability to remove content from its platform.

The Wire has claimed to have uncovered the alleged “ties” between BJP and Facebook’s parent company Meta. The Wire in its editorial alleged that BJP’s Amit Malviya has X-Check privileges, and can delete any social media post on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

They also claimed that their report is based on Meta’s internal document. It talks about the WSJ’s report on an internal company program called XCheck, which saves millions of supercritical users from the Facebook company’s normal application process.

The Wire, known for its hatred of the BJP, alleged that a satirical post on Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s was immediately taken down by Instagram, with Amit Malviya playing a key role . According to this news report, this objectionable post was removed on the complaint of Malviya, and was allegedly due to his crosscheck privileges.

The Wire also claimed to have screenshots of the ‘auto-moderation’ process being bypassed by ‘XCheck’ users like Amit Malviya.

Picture credit – Instagram

META called these claims False and Misleading

META spokesman Andy Stone called The Wire’s report “inaccurate and misleading” on the matter. He tweeted that the post in question had come up for review by an automated system, and the documents submitted by the website appear to be fabricated.

He also added that META’s internal report clarifies that no human intervention was deemed necessary by META after Amit Malviya reported a post. That post was immediately removed from the platform, and no review process of any kind was required.

META’s security head claims The Wire report baseless and Full of Lies

Guy Rosen, META’s head of information security, said, “These stories are fabricated. These rumors are false about the Cross-Check program, which was created to prevent potential over-enforcement mistakes. It has nothing to do with the post’s ability to report, as The Wire article reportedly pointed out. These allegations are completely baseless and full of lies.

Siddharth Varadarajan tried to counter the claims of META, but failed

As expected, Siddharth Varadarajan, the head of The Wire, was dismayed at being caught for his lies. He said in a detailed tweet on October 12 that his reports came from a variety of meta sources that he himself verified. He also said that they had investigated the matter after Instagram removed the post on Yogi Adityanath, and received this information from multiple sources, and it is not correct to call it a lie.

Varadarajan further stated that The Wire had contacted different META sources for additional information after Andy Stone questioned the veracity of the document. Siddharth claimed that their report is true and he stands firm by the facts stated in their article.

Even Liberals and Leftists are failed to defend ‘The Wire’

India’s Liberal and Left nexus have always been blind-supporting anti-national media establishments. No matter how many lies these establishments tell, these people support them in one way or the other. But given this conflict with Meta and the facts revealed in it, now these people are not able to defend The Wire even if they want to.

Akar Patel, a former Amnesty India chief and campaigner, is known for his anti-BJP stance. Responding to Janhvi Sen, Patel questioned the language of the email, which The Wire claimed was sent by Meta spokesperson Andy. Aaker said the language and punctuation in this email sounded unusual and indigenous.

Picture Credit – Aakar Patel Twitter Handle

It is important to understand here that the media establishment in India has become accustomed to publishing such false news. Our government and people are aware of their reality, and that is why their credibility has been lost. The Wire is well versed in serving up stories based on such false facts, but this time it may have taken the malice out of a misplaced establishment.

The Wire brazenly stands in favor of its report, but while Meta has denied all the facts presented in this report as false, and has also given its evidence. In such a situation, it is certain that the longer this topic goes on, the more it will damage the credibility of the Indian media.

Today, when the media of our country has lost its credibility and wants to save its existence in any way, such an incident is going to cause a great loss to these media establishments, and this is the reason why the liberal and leftist elements also shying away from standing with ‘The Wire’ on this expose.


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