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Ghazwa-e-Hind – An Islamic Conspiracy, its Blueprint for India, and How Hindus can STOP it


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If you ask any radical Islamist about their long-cherished dream, then you will get only one answer, Ghazwa-e-Hind. Although this word has been around for hundreds of years, it has gained the limelight in recent years. The term has also been openly used by radical Islamist groups and terrorist organizations such as Indian Mujahideen, ISIS, and Al Qaeda, and it seems it’s a part of their long-term plan.

Ghazwa-e-Hind has also taken the center stage in our national politics, and leaders have started discussing it openly. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on February 14 responded to his tweet and said that their dream of ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’ will not be fulfilled even till the ‘Qayamat’.

While speaking to ANI, CM Yogi said, “For those dreaming of ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’, this is New India under the leadership of PM Modi. New India is for the development of all, but appeasement of none. It will run as per the Constitution, not Shariat. ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’ ka sapna Qayamat ke din tak sakar nahi hoga.

In this article, we will give you a glimpse of Ghazwa-e-hind, the blueprint to achieve this mission, and how every Hindu must be aware of it.

What exactly is Ghazwa-e-hind?

The term has been derived from the Hadis, where the Prophet said – ‘Allah has saved two groups of my Ummah from the hellfire; the group that will invade Al-Hind (the subcontinent) and the group that will be with Eesa (Jesus), the son of Mariam.’

Abu Hurairah said – the Prophet has promised us the conquest of Al-Hind. If I am able to join it, I will spend on it my wealth and my life. If I am killed, I will be the best of martyrs and if I return, I will be Abu Hurairah, the freed one from hellfire.”

In simple terms, it could be translated as “Holy war against India”. It is a war that is fought under the guidance of the Prophet, and everyone who fights this war will go to Jannat. Ghazwa-e- hind says that before Qayamat there will be two wars and unless Muslims win these two wars there won’t be any Qayamat.

As per Sunan an-Nasa’i, Book of Jihad, 3175, it’s the duty of every Muslim to create such circumstances in the world that people stop doing idol worship. So the first war will be against Hindus and this holy war will continue until all idol worshipers converted to Islam. Then a second army from Syria will attack Rome and every individual in this world will be Muslim.

“There are two groups of my Ummah whom Allah will free from the Fire: The group that invades India, and the group that will be with Isa ibn Maryam”.

Ghazwa-e-hind – Historical perspective for India

As far as India is concerned, it had been the constant target of Islamic invaders, who kept on attacking India on the pretext of making it Dar-al-Islam. Our ancestors have already experienced Ghazwa-e Hind in the early or medieval Islamic period.

Indian subcontinent had been seen as Dar-al-Harb, which means “the house or abode of war” or the “territory of war”. Basically, it was seen as a territory not governed by Islam, and all the wars were carried out to bring it under Islamic rule and make it Dar-al-Islam.

These wars had different causes and contexts – be it the conquest of Sindh by Muhammad bin Qasim or Islamic rule under various Muslim invaders during medieval periods.

Unfortunately, their dream of Ghazwa-e-hind wasn’t completed due to repeated resistance and valor shown by our ancestors such as Maharana Pratap, Chhatrapati Shivaji, Prithviraj Chauhan, Dahir, Prithu, Viswa Singha, Lalitaditya Muktapida, Raja Samgramaraja, Trilochapala, Habbhat I, Pratihars, Chalukyas, Rashtrakuta, Guhil, Naiki Devi, Devpala, Jograj Singh Gurjar, and many more.

Radical Maulanas and Terrorist handlers have been trying to orchestrate movements for decades, to provoke people for their own egocentric gains. They are using “Ghazwa-e-hind” to misguide innocent Muslim youngsters of the Indian Subcontinent and inciting them to join their organizations and subsequently kill innocent people, who don’t believe in Islamic Philosophy.

In the case of India, Ghazwa-e-hind has been used as a deceptive movement to instigate Muslims to revolt against India. Lack of knowledge so much prevails in Muslims that they don’t know about this movement, and they are lured to fight against their own country by citing some doctored Hadis and versus.

Ghazwa-e-hind – Blueprint for India

Since its independence, Pakistan has attacked India 3 times in the conquest of unleashing Ghazwa-e-hind, but it miserably failed every time. Then Pakistani government and Army started an alternative approach, which was “Bleed India with a Thousand Cuts“.

Unfortunately, our pro-Muslim constitution, secular political parties, and highly radicalized Mullah and Maulvi helped the Pakistani establishment in executing the evil mission of Ghazwa-e-hind.

There are two basic objectives of this mission

  1. To capture the Economy of India
  2. To destroy the Democracy of India

Blueprint to capture the Economy of India

  • By capturing maximum land via WAQF board. Currently, the WAQF board has more than 5 lakh acres of land, and it is the 3rd largest landowner in India.
  • Halal certification economy that is rapidly increasing n gives special provisions to Muslim employment and a lot of money to Muslims without doing any effort. Halal certification has been started for foods, beverages, FMCG, and even clothes now.
  • Fetch maximum loans and other privileges and facilities from the government and capture the small and medium scale industries.

Blueprint to destroy the Democracy of India

The ultimate power of any democracy lies in numbers. In 1947 Muslim population was 9%, whereas in 2011 it rose to 14.5%, and now it is certainly more than 20% by employing the 3-point approach of Population Jihad.

  • Reproduction – This is to produce as many children as possible. Muslims are allowed Polygamy so their reproduction rate is faster than any other religion. They also rely on the Love Jihad practice to influence Hindu women and produce Muslim children.
  • Conversion – This is to illegally convert people from another religion to Islam. A lot of halal and petro-dollar money is used for this purpose. Even the Jai Bheem – Jai Meem movement has been hatched to convert SC/ST and Dalits into the Islamic fold.
  • Infiltration – Millions of Bangladesi and Rohinga are illegally infiltrating India and getting citizenship via a step-by-step system. Local politicians, Muslim leaders, and handlers are helping them to get all relevant documents.

How to stop this modern Ghazwa-e-hind?

Well, we are amid an attack from all corners, our adversaries are trying every trick to pursue their agenda of spreading Islam in India. We as a citizen along with our Government must work together and take the following steps to break this nefarious agenda against our nation and dharma.

  1. Abolish WAQF act
  2. Ban Halal certification
  3. Abolish Minority ministry n stop all exclusive minority scholarships and freebies
  4. Put an immediate ban on Love Jihad.
  5. Implement the Population control Bill
  6. Ban Polygamy
  7. Ban foreign funding to NGO
  8. Ban religious conversion to Muslim
  9. Implement CAA and NRC
  10. Strengthen Hindu community

By following these steps we can certainly dent not only their long-cherished dream of Ghazwa-e-hind but also unite the Hindus together, which will help us prevent any such attacks in the future.


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