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Fraud ‘Fake News Busters’ ALT News and Pratik Sinha caught once again, TrueIndology shows them the mirror.

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With the advent of Social media, we have seen a barrage of fake news, especially on politics and religious matters. At the same time, we have seen lots of so-called ‘Fact-checkers’ or ‘Fake New busters’ in the market. The most notorious one is certainly Alt News.

This is an ultra-leftist portal, which acts as a fake news generator under the garb of ‘Fake News’, it was founded by Pratik Sinha, and he has the unique distinction of getting caught lying numerous times on social media. His second in command, co-founder Mohammad Zubair was recently caught under sections of the IT Act and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, for threatening and torturing a girl child through Twitter.

Well, these people with criminal mindset, always come with a vague fact check stuff, and as usual, people hammered them on social media like anything. The recent instance occurred on November 23, when Pratik Sinha posted a malafide tweet alleging that an image posted by renowned Twitter handle ‘TrueIndology’ on his Instagram account was fake.

It seems from this tweet, that Pratik simply reverse-searched the said image and found the source as Getty Images, which is indeed a stock image platform, which takes images from several authors and sources and sells them to their customers who need images for any specific purpose. He didn’t care to check the source of this picture and straight away claimed that True Indology is a fraud. Well, that’s how these Leftist goons spread misinformation and deceive people.

Pratik made an argument, that Getty Images, did not mention ‘snow’ anywhere in the post. However, the image was first used in a book titled “Kashmir: It’s New Silk Industry” by Sir Thomas Wardle, and it was published in 1904. In the book, on page 376, the title of the image reads, “Fakir or Holy Man on Lunka Island, Dal lake, sitting in the snow in winter.” The photograph was clicked by Geoffrey William Millais.

TrueIndology slammed Pratik Sinha’s claims

TrueIndology, who is known for his in-depth knowledge of historical aspects, didn’t waste a minute to slam this so-called fact-checker. He provided all the credible sources and wrote that “The fact is that Pratik Sinha has not read the book and does not know anything about history or climate of Kashmir. The fact that the Sadhu was sitting in extreme snow was attested by the original photographer who took the picture which was published 116 years ago in a book!”

As expected, people started reacting to this Fakery of Alt News and slammed the portal and their founders left, right, and center. People called out their hypocrisy that how these self-proclaimed ‘fact-checker’, did not make any attempt to find more information about the image.

Well, this instance will be known as an ill-attempt to accuse a renowned pro-India and Pro-Hindutva handle, TrueIndology. However, the attempt was failed miserably.

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