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Allegations made against Swami Chidanand Saraswati- Who endorses Pseudo Secularism, befriends Maulanas & encroaches Dev Bhoomi


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Over the last few years, we have seen many Godmen, Spiritual gurus, Maulvi, Fathers, or Babas, who emerged into the news for all the wrong reasons. They are booked for financial fraud to rape and even murder. These self-appointed religious and spiritual gurus have been able to seize the attention of the nation from time to time.

These spiritual gurus have a dedicated army of crazy fans, who never ask them any question, never raise an iota of doubts about their activities, and ill-gotten wealth and properties. Many godmen have been exposed but they shamelessly maintain their innocence despite the availability of compelling evidence.

Whenever anyone raises any doubts on them, their followers allege conspiracy and sometimes even take up arms against them, be it an individual or the state. These spiritual gurus may be booked or even jailed, but their followers refuse to stop believing in him, most of the time.

Today, we will tell you a story of a spiritual guru, who projects himself as a harbinger of Hinduism and attain the support of millions, but in reality, he is doing all the evil activities and even grabbing the land of Individuals and the State itself.

Yes, we are talking about the famous Swami Chidanand Saraswati, who is a spiritual Head and the President of Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh. Which is known as India’s largest spiritual institution. He is also the chairman/founder of the India Heritage Research Foundation (IHRF).

Now, people may be confused, as to why we are pointing our finger towards such a renowned religious and spiritual leader, but as we said, it is their evil activities, which force us to put forth these facts in front of everyone.

Not Swami, he is a Land Grabber

Do you know, Uttarakhand forest department has filed a case against Swami Chidanand Saraswati for encroachment and construction in 2.5 acres of forest land within the Dehradun forest division near Rajaji National Park?

Yes, you heard it right. This happened following the directions by the Uttarakhand High Court while hearing a PIL filed by one Pauri Garhwal based Archana Shukla.

Well, you may not believe us, but several renowned media houses published this news, and even the High Court itself gave a stern order to remove the encroachment of Swami Chidanand Saraswati and his Ashram ‘Parmarth Niketan’.

This is not the first such instance, the Swami has been booked for grabbing the State Forest’s land in Virpur Khurd. There was another case filed against him for encroachment and construction over 2.5 acres of forest land within the Dehradun forest division. This case was filed under section 26 of the Indian Forest Act 1927.

Here it is important to know that Section 26 in the Indian Forest Act, 1927 deals with acts prohibited in forests including setting fire to a reserved forest, felling of trees, stone quarrying, clearing or breaking up any forest land for cultivation or any other purpose, erecting any building or construction and so on.

Parmarth Niketan illegally occupied 35 Acre land of the Forest department, where they have constructed a Big hall, 52 rooms, and a massive Gaushala, all on the government’s land.

He also encroached on the state’s land in Birpur Khurd, the matter was filed in court and High Court ordered the government to take strong action against him and get the land freed from his control.

Several of his illegal structures worth several crores have been demolished after the Nainital High Courts order, though more action is required against him to protect the DEvbhoomi from the clutches of such a blatant land grabber.

He opens Madarsa on encroached land

Chidanand has started a new business as well, where he is befriending Maulanas and handing over the forest land to them to construct Madarsa. The modus operandi is quite simple, he encroaches on the forest land with the help of local forest officers and state govt officials. Then in the name of setting up the Gurukuls, he brought Muslims and started a madrasa. We are providing one such proof here for your reference.

Picture Credit – Google

On 15th May, Swami Chidanand Saraswati did something, which was not only shocking but morally wrong. He organized a religious gathering where many Batuks were performing Ved-path. All of a sudden many Madarsa students came, who were welcomed by the staff of Swami, and then all of them recited several verses of the Quran at the bank of river Ganga.

After that Swami made a statement, that Madarsa should come to Muth, Ashram, and Gurukul and Muth should reach out to Madarsa, this will help us understand each other’s religion and values.

However, this is a known fact that no such Hindu activity can be performed at Madarsa, as it is Haraam as per the Islamic belief, but by performing Quran reciting at Ashram or at Muth, Swamy is indeed infusing the feeling of submissiveness in Hindus and ensuring upper hand to Muslims.

He is a fake Spiritual Guru

Not many of the people know about his history, you can check it on the internet and we are pretty much sure that you won’t get much information about his birth, his education, his early years, etc.

His actual name is Santosh Arora, his family was based in Pakistan and shifted to India after partition. He was never initiated in any authentic line of guru parampara. This name ‘Chidanand Sarasvati’ was adopted by him, so, that he could portray himself as the real Chidanand Saraswati, Disciple of Swami Shivanand Ji, Founder of Divine Life Society, Hrishikesh.

Later, while getting in cheating people abroad as Chidanand, he was called upon by the Swami Chidanand Ji and was strictly reprimanded for not doing it again in life, and only then he forgave him.

Actual Swami Chidanand – Picture Credit ‘The Daily Excelsior’

Until Swami Chidanand was alive, he was using the name ‘Narayan Muni’, but once he passed away, he once again started using Swami Chidanand Ji’s name. The Divine Life Society barred him from coming to the ashram and strictly laid directives to their disciples and Sanyasis to never visit Parmarth for any means.

Gross violations of Labour Laws and Section 80G

It has been raised by many RTI activists and sources that Swami Chidanand and PArmarth Niketan have been indulged in violation of Labour laws. They also collect donations and blatantly violate Section 80G of Indian Income Tax rules.

Polluting the sacred Rover Ganga with Ashram’s Sewer

Everyone is aware of the huge campus of Parmarth Niketan, which has approximately 1000 rooms, where guests and staff can stay. However, not many people must be aware of the fact that the Ashram has an inadequate capacity for Sewer treatment and disposal.

Many people have raised this concern in past, and Government has sent multiple audit teams to check this and found that Ashram has quite less capacity of sewage disposal if we consider the capacity of several thousand people who can stay inside the Ashram at any given point in time.

It has been raised multiple times that Ashram is releasing the sewage in the river Ganga itself, which is morally and religiously not accepted at all. They are a wealthy Ashram and certainly can afford an adequate sewage treatment plant, but who cares?

Gross violator of Law and Order

Post Kedarnath disaster, Uttrakhand Government laid down some guidelines laid out by the then State Government of Uttrakhand restricting any kind of construction within 200 hundred meter range from river Ganga.

But as usual, Chidanand Saraswati who was so high on his power-mongering had completely bypassed this ruling, and undertaken construction activity in his ashram which falls under the 200-meter range from the banks of Ganga. Even the Ganga Puja ghat this ashram is utilizing has been developed on an encroached land.

Shameless violations of COVID Protocols
We are amid a global COVID pandemic situation, and one has to abide by the norms laid out by the Indian Government and Health Ministry to safeguard the virus spread at all cost, whereas Chidanand Saraswati made a mockery of both the Central and State government rules by bringing in Muslim contractors and laborers from other states though he could find ample local contractors and laborers.

These Muslims are part of such fringe elements that have jeopardized our doctors’ lives last year and tried to disrupt the lockdown and now, they are allowed in such huge number, without any of RTPCR reports taken or making sure that they would not create health hazards to the local people or insiders.

Local authorities and Government protect him
Chidanand Saraswati has a long history of making a mockery of the government and misusing his powers. The local authorities and people in government officials are always extending their indirect support to him, by helping him to violate the state and judicial ruling, which is very unfortunate and indigestible.

The objective of this article is to spread awareness about such a black sheep of Hinduism. He is the one who is using the name of Hinduism, Yoga, and Bharat, but actually duping the people, grabbing the land, and promoting the Jihadist mentality shamelessly.


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