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Dharma Khestra Kurukshetra – Part V – Bhadra Kali Shakti Peeth (Devi Koop)


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Older than history, older than tradition, older than even legends, from the earliest times Kurukshetra has been the cradle of civilization. It’s a theme & metaphor of Indian spirituality & mysticism. The Sutradhar or Protagonist is undoubtedly Lord Sri Krishna, having immortalised this sacred land by delivering the Bhagvat Geeta. The Mahabharat mentions the land of Kuruskshetra as Samant – Panchaka & spread over an area of 48 kos (192 kms) comprising of the districts of Kurukshetra, Karnal, Kaithal, Panipat & Jhind.

According to Sir Alexander Cunningham Surveypr General of British India, it comprises of 360 tirthas associated with The Epic Mahabharata. And one such Teerth is the Bhadrakali Temple dedicated to the Supreme & Divine Mother.
Mata Bhadrakali Temple is one of the 52 Shakti Peeths found in India. The Divine Mother Sati’s right ankle was found in Kurukshetra. Presence of the Goddess’s body part makes this place very blessed & Charged.

It is believed that visiting the temple on Saturday and worshipping the Goddess fulfils the wishes of devotees. As described in the Bhisma Parva (Chapter) before the start of the Kurukshetra War Arjuna the master archer under the instruction of Sri Krishna meditated at this place to secure the divine mothers blessing & promised to give in Charity the best of his horses if the War was won by the Pandavas. After the fulfilment of his wish, he did gave the prized War Horses as a token to the Divine Mother & since then from those days the tradition is still alive to offer miniature horses to the temple made of terracotta/ metal to the deity upon fulfillment of one’s wishes.
Sri Krishna & Balaram’s father Vasudev also chose this place for the thread ceremony of his son’s which makes this Temple all the more special. Those who live, die or offer their prayers at the Mahatirtha attain its auspicious result for sure. Located outside the main battle field of Kurukshetra Bhadrakali Temple finds its mention in the Divine Chandi Stotram as “ Kurukshetra e Bhadrakali”.

The Temple continue’s even today as place of timeless sanctity & will always be.


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