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Delhi Restaurant denied entry to a Woman for wearing Saree, says ‘We don’t allow such clothes’!!

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We are tired of listening about Hinduphobia and defaming our religion, our idols, and our culture, and today we have got another shameful incident that has once against forced us to think about the kind of propaganda going against Hinduism.

This incident happened in Delhi, where a woman has denied entry into a restaurant as she was wearing traditional Indian wear, known as Saree. The incident happened at Aquila Delhi restaurant which is situated at August Kranti Marg. According to the lady, the staff barred her from entering the restaurant just because she was wearing a saree.

A short video of this incident has surfaced on social media, wherein the woman is seen countering the staff and asking to show its dress code rule and demands to see it in writing. While responding to her question, a woman staff is saying, ‘Ma’am, we only allow smart casual, saree doesn’t come under smart casual”, and walks away.

A Twitter user, Anita Choudhary posted this incident and wrote that” Saree is not allowed in Aquila restaurant as Indian Saree is now not a smart outfit. What is the concrete definition of a Smart outfit plz tell me. Please define smart outfit so I will stop wearing saree,”. She has also tagged several ministers in her tweet.

As expected, this highly objectionable video has enraged citizens who slammed the restaurant for its weird dress code policy. People called it an elitist and discriminatory act of restaurant.

Legally this may be very much under the purview of this restaurant to have a specific dress code on patrons. But calling saree an inappropriate attire is certainly a disturbing trend, and it is difficult to understand the criteria to decide what is modern and what is un-cool.

This is not the first such instance, a similar incident happened last year, when Sangeeta K Nag, Principal of Pathways Senior School in Gurugram, was also denied entry to a restaurant as she was wearing a saree. Later when this issue was raised on social media, the mall management was forced to apologize to the lady.

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