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Dehradun’s Welham School floats ‘HALAL meat’ tender – How this can impact Hindu Religion and Economy?


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India has become the testbed for Missionaries and Islamic conversion cartels, as they are introducing one after another notorious sermon to create a divide among the Hindus and the rest of the minority sects. We have seen countless such incidents in recent times, especially after 2014.

In another such event, Welham Boys School has floated a tender for ‘Halal meat’ for its students, and this has created a massive uproar in the nation. As the news spread, activists of several Hindu outfits including Bajrang Dal gathered outside the school and asked the police to take stern action against the school management for hurting the religious sentiments of the Hindus.

Welham Boys School is considered as one of the oldest and reputed boarding schools in the country, on June 26 floated a tender in a local newspaper, while inviting bids for supplying halal meat and poultry products for its students.

Picture Credit – Welham Boys School

Opposing the move, many members of Bajrang Dal barged inside the Welham Boys School and shouted slogans against the school management. Bajrang Dal workers stated that the majority of the students and staff at school belonged to a particular community and the school management’s decision to serve ‘halal’ meat is a deliberate attempt to insult their sentiments.

Bajrang Dal has already filed a complaint with the police and demanded a strong against the school management for insulting religious sentiments of Hindu students and the community. Bajrang Dal President Vikash Sharma met the police officers and demanded strong action against the school management for fanning communal tension.

Bajrang Dal staging protest at the school premises – Picture Credit- Bajrang Dal

Bajrang Dal workers staged a strong protest outside the school campus and demanded the school management to recall this tender immediately.

Meanwhile, the school administration has termed the controversy as “unnecessary” and “unwarranted’’. Welham School’s vice principal said that “We floated a tender for the halal meat and next will float tender for the non-halal meat”.

Picture Credit – Welham Boys School

The Vice-principal of the school Mahesh Kandpal also claimed that the school mess prepares both halal and non-halal meat six days a week. However, when previous tenders were checked, it was found that the school has floated tenders of several products, such as rice, pulses, and bread, but bread, pulses, rice, etc. But the school has never flouted a separate tender just for Jhatka meat, then why a tender for halaal meat has been floated?

Here we have added the picture of a recent tender floated by the school.

Picture Credit – Welham Boys School

How demand for Halal meat is against the Religious sentiments and Hindu Economy?

We have seen lot of resistance against the Halal products in recent times, and it has created an environment of mistrust in different communities, especially Hindus. We have seen lot of protests against Halal products by Hindus and Sikhs, and there are religious and economic reasons behind that.

Here it is important to understand that Halal is no longer limited to meat products but it has penetrated to vegetarian products and other edible and non-edible items as well. Nowadays, it is quite common to find “Halal Certified” stickers on vegetarian items like biscuits, namkeens, rice, flour, and other products in the market.

The irony is, that Halal certification is not a government-approved certification but it is considered as pous by Muslims, and they are using Halal certification to ensure their religious methods are forcefully followed by business establishments, even if their products have nothing to do with Islam.

If you want to read more about the Halal Economy, then please read our detailed article on the same – Link

Here another important aspect that Halal is a method of slaughtering an animal for meat. In Islam, it is mandatory for Muslims to eat only Halal meat, and this is used as an excuse to avail themselves of the economic benefits as well. The business of Halal Certification and products offers exclusive benefits to Muslims only, as Halal can only be performed by a Muslim man or believer of Islam, and in this way, the non-Muslims are automatically denied employment at a Halal firm, or their meat will not be purchased in the name of religion.

This entire process of the Halal economy sets multiple requirements which make sure that the product development process is performed exclusively by Muslims only and only they can reap the benefits like employment, and ultimately they gain the monopoly in the meat supply sector.


Here the intentions of the school management is highly dubious and people should protest against them, until and unless they take this tender back and ensure that no such tender will ever floated in the future.

This entire concept of Halal is indeed bigotry and discrimination against non-Muslims. It is a way to occupy an influential position in the world, and then they will set the rules of the game. They will control the economies and fuel the Jihad around the world by utilizing the massive wealth accumulated by Halal Economy.

We must be fought tooth and nail to prevent such unpleasant propositions in the future. We must learn from how Islam is utilizing the power of commitment of its followers to create an ecosystem to serve and further its cause to convert this world into a Darul-Ul-Islam.


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