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Colin Gonsalves, not an activist but ACTIPULIST, who receives funds from abroad to target Government of India, reveals Vinay Joshi of Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) in an exclusive interview with Trunicle, Part I


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“There were 20,000 NGOs, which were violating Foreign Contribution Regulation Act norms with impunity in 2014. These NGOs were running in India by Hindus, Muslims, but majority of them by Christian organisations, who were using foreign funds received via FCRA to convert in tribal belt of area and in North East. When NDA came to power in 2014, Rajnath Singh led Home Ministry cancelled FCRA licenses of 20,000 NGOs after they found the NGOs violating various norms and provisions of FCRA, thus barring them from receiving foreign funds,” told, National Convener of Legal Rights Observatory, Vinay Joshi in an interview with Trunicle. 

It is deeply disturbing to realise how previous government led by UPA had allowed external forces to change the demography of India by permitting them to convert. Was the UPA government firmly intended to uproot ancient faith and culture of the land? 

Vinay Joshi further explains, “many NGOs were working with hand in glove with terrorist organisations in North East India and secessionist group of Jammu & Kashmir under the garb of human rights, women rights and child rights to save it from intelligence agencies of India. 

It is even more disturbing how UPA government could have allowed external forces to indulge in anti India activities. 

Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is to protect persecuted minorities including Christians in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. CAA gives citizenship to likes of Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian woman, who spent eight years on death row on false blasphemy charges for being Christian. Nevertheless, Colin Gonsalves, the Supreme Court lawyer—who is running an NGO called Human Rights Law Network (HRLN)—defends anti CAA rioters. 

HRLN website openly claimed that its lawyers defended stone pelters, rioters, arsonist and criminal elements involved in anti CAA riots across the country including riot accused Safoora Zargar. The Legal Rights Observatory has exposed the NGO called Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) led by activist Colin Gonsalves had received Rs 50 crore from four European churches for defending anti-CAA rioters and activists legally in courts. 

Why would a Christian NGO in India would defend anti CAA protesters, while CAA safeguards persecuted Christians in three Islamic countries? 

Vinay Joshi unearths deeply rooted conspiracy that Churches in India and Churches at abroad were anguished that Modi government cancelled FCRA licenses of 20,000 NGOs, which were involved in conversion and in close collusion of anti India forces in 2014. NGOs like HRLN is openly joining hands with anti India forces like stone pelters, rioters, arsonist and anti  CAA protesters to discredit Modi government and topple it by undemocratic means. They have also observed Modi government pushed for infrastructure in North East. Hence, PM Modi is trying to reach the last man in the queue, that has perturbed them. 

Vinay Joshi explains further, “Black history of HRLN doesn’t start with providing legal help to anti CAA rioters like Safoora Zargar. Colin Gonsalves has personally fought the case for Soni Sori, who was arrested for her links with Naxalites. Colin Gonsalves vigorously fought to secure Soni Sori’s bail. He also secured bail for every person involved who was charged for aiding and abetting Naxal activities. 

Vinay Joshi unravels Churches are in hands in glove with Naxalite element of tribal belts. Churches are in collusion with secessionist groups in North East. That is why Churches were waiting for right time to target Modi government to discredit them and to create turmoil in a way that people of India would rise against Modi government during anti CAA protest. They grabbed the opportunity of anti CAA protest to pump the money to legally fight for anti CAA Muslim protestors.

Calling a manipulator like Colin Gonsalves an activist is an insult to a true activist, who fight for social cause without any self interest. Colin Gonsalves is actually an ACTIPULIST, which is mixed with two words activist and manupulist. An ACTIPULIST like Colin Gonsalves is 10% activist and 90% manipulatist, who is taking bread and butter from European Churches but training guns at government of India and people of India only to insult Hindus. 

The interview of Vinay Joshi, National Convener of Legal Rights Protection Forum would be uploaded on Trunicle soon. 

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