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Chinese fans of Aamir Khan wish him a speedy recovery & preach Indians about Health and Hygiene

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The COVID virus infection cases in India have been increasing again at an alarming rate. Even the Government has pressed the panic button due to a sudden increase in the infection counts. Not just the common people, even celebrities who are taking extra care are getting diagnosed with COVID infection, which is creating a sense of fear, just like the last year.

The latest instance is with Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, who has been tested positive for COVID-19. As per a statement released by the superstar’s spokesperson, he is currently home quarantined for couple of weeksn

As soon as this news broke, Aamir Khan started trending on the micro-blogging site and many even wished him with ‘get well soon’ messages. Well, this is fine as fans must wish their superstar a quick recovery, but we are hearing concerns from an unwarranted quarters as well.

China, which is known as the biggest market for Amir Khan’s movie, has used this opportunity to demean the healthcare and COVID prevention measures of India.

Amir Khan’s chinese fans have bombarded the social media, where they are wishing a quick recovery to Amir Khan, and at the same time they are naming and shaming India.

China’s national media, Global Times has published an article, which is bashing the poor prevention measures in India and called on Indian people to decrease gatherings as well as obey scientific protection measures such as wearing face masks and keeping social distance.

However, Chinese people have forgotten that COVID is their own byproduct, which has destroyed the economies across the World and have caused deaths of millions of innocent people till now.

Chinese people have forgot that it is their weird eating habits, that is causing such massive viral infections in recent decades. Name any viral infection and you will find its origin in China itself.

Well, Chinese people are free to make any statement and accuse Indian healthcare and other administrative lapses, but the World is aware about India’s capabilities and its contribution. It is India, which is helping the World to recover from a Chinese induced pandemic. So Chinese should understand the reality, such childish accusation will only demean their own standing in world affairs.

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