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Keynesian Macroeconomic elements in Narendra Modi Infrastructure push leading to revival of economy

Keynesian Macroeconomic elements in Narendra Modi Infrastructure push leading to revival of economy

Signal or Telegram or WhatsApp or Parler or may be Tooter?

WhatsApp, which uses Signal's encryption technology, laid out fresh terms of reference on Wednesday, 2021 asking all its users to agree to...

#Techdictocracy : The New Age Digital Martial Law of Silicon Valley

#Techdictocracy : The New Age Digital Martial Law of Silicon Valley

Nepal: The decline of a Hindu Rashtra

The Kingdom of Nepal, otherwise called the Kingdom of Gorkha or Asal Hindusthan (Real Land of Hindus), was...

When will the road block end? The citizens also have a right

The 8th round of talks between the Union Government led by the Hon’ble Agriculture Minister, MP from Gwalior...

Why the Deep State defeated Trump and implications for India.

The American Deep State WINS in the war against Donald Trump. These riots and violence is required to...

Thackeray Family’s ‘FINANCIAL SECRET’exposed by BJP Leader Kirit Somaiya

It seems things are not going well for Uddhav Thackeray and his family. On one hand, he is not able to manage...

Factors that indicate victory for Bjp in the West Bengal assembly elections 2021.

Bengal which used to be the heart of British Ruled India has slowly started to decline just after...

Russian Criticism of India joining Quad – Is it genuine or impelled?

The 24th version of Malabar practice was finished up in November 2020 (in Phase - I and Phase...

Surge of Saffronization helps in revival of Nationalist Passion in West Bengal

Are the winds of change sweeping Bengal ? Will the surge of Saffron party cause tectonic shift in the intellectual hub of the country which has been traditionally left bastion ? Will the glorious nationalistic passion resurface and strong undercurrent propel BJP to power ?

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Some Facts about the Covid19 Vaccine.

SOME VACCINATION FACTS: None of the 1,91000 people vaccinated in India including yours truly on 16/1/21 had any...

Should a scenic hill station be named after Lord Dalhousie, a British imperialist, who was responsible for blood bath of Indians in 1857 revolt?

What is common between Dalhousie, a hill station in Himachal Pradesh and Aurangabad, a city known for its twelve-cut caves in Maharashtra?...

Geo strategic role of Andaman & Nicobar Islands in resisting Chinese Colonial & Imperialistic Designs

Andaman & Nicobar Island evokes memories of the horror of The Cellular Jail popularly called "Kala Pani" which is old colonial prison...

China Malacca Dilemma

‘Malacca Dilemma’ is a word, which was coined in the year 2003, by the then Chinese President Hu...

Who Else Knew About Balakot Besides Arnab? MANY

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