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Bollywood’s TRYST with Drug & Alcohol abuse: ‘Fallen Stars’ seldom follow what they PREACH


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Bollywood and controversies have a robust relation. Whether the talk is about drug abuse, nepotism, casting couch, decadence, terrorism, or connections to the mafias, Bollywood has surely for long taken center stage in the global media for all ill reasons.

The latest one is the arrest of Bollywood Star Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan. Who has been nabbed by the Narcotics Control Bureau and produced to the court. He, along with seven others was arrested by the NCB after the agency conducted a raid at a party on a cruise ship off the coast of Mumbai on October 2. The NCB seized 21 grams of Charas, 13 grams of cocaine, 5 grams of MD, and 22 pills of MDMA from possession of Aryan Khan.

The NCB also made some startling revelation that it has recovered some incriminating and shocking material from Aryan Khan’s WhatsApp chat. Two others who were among the nine people arrested in connection with the seizure of banned drugs from a cruise ship off the city coast showed international drug trafficking.

NCB got the remand of Aryan Khan and the other eight accused from the court till Thursday, also claimed that in the WhatsApp chats he is discussing modes of payment to be done for procurement of drugs, and he was using several code names while communicating with the drug suppliers.

The official statement from Shah Rukh Khan’s family is still not out in open, but people have already started questioning his parenting values. Some people are sharing an old video of Shahrukh Khan, where he can be seen joking about how what Aryan is allowed to do and what he isn’t.

Tweet Source – Tushar Kant Naik

Talking about two-year-old Aryan he said, “I have told him he can run after girls and smoke as much as he wants; he can do drugs.” Gauri quickly reminds that Aryan was a two-year-old at the time, and SRk agrees that yes a two-year-old is allowed to do everything he couldn’t do.

The clip is reportedly from when Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan were featured on the talk show Rendezvous with Simi Garewal. The lines seem a funny response to the host Simi Garewal stating that she was sure that Shah Rukh would spoil his son. However, these lines didn’t age well, as today Aryan Khan has been arrested for the very drug use that Shahrukh Khan wanted him to do.

Bollywood Stars preach Morals and Values, which they seldom follow

Our Bollywood stars are Experts in almost everything, you name any issue in the country and you will find this Bollywood gang sharing their ill-researched and highly biased views on them. They think that they are the torchbearers of our society, and as they have amassed billions in their bank balance and millions of followers on social media, they have got a feeling that they have the authority to preach the society on every other prevalent issue.

We have seen several such instances where Bollywood comes out in the open to defend Terrorists, Drug peddlers, Tukde Tukde gang in the name of democratic rights. However, the same Bollywood either stays mum on acts of their own people or sometimes blatantly defends them as well.

If we talk about Shahrukh Khan, he is among the most vocal Actors in our country, who speak on almost every issue. He is endorsing many brands where he preaches good parenting, morals, and values to the people. The Media has also built his larger-than-life image, and he has been projected as if he is the most decorated personality ever.

However, the reality is quite cruel. As the facts are getting unrevealed, it has been established that Aryan Khan was doing drug abuse for more than a year, and he was in constant touch with an International Drug cartel, all this under the nose of his Father Shahrukh Khan, who was busy preaching morals and values to others all this while.

While Shahrukh was giving Gyan to others on how to raise their children, how to groom them, exactly the opposite was happening in his own backyard. Now with what face and credibility he will put forth his views about relevant problems in the public?

Bollywood’s tryst with Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drug abuse is not an alien phenomenon in Bollywood. Several insiders have validated that most of the Bollywood actors and actresses are drug addicts and they consume drugs openly in their high-end parties. Bollywood films are openly promoting unhealthy behaviors in their audience, particularly in children.

A study was conducted by Vital Strategies and Imperial College, London. They analyzed 300 films from the time period 1994-2013, and to our shock, almost 93% of films had at least one occurrence of alcohol, 70% cent of those films showed abuse of tobacco products, and approx. 21% of films had at least one occurrence of branded fast food. All these items led to an unhealthy lifestyle and can create several other disorders in an individual.

Several Bollywood stars are endorsing tobacco and alcohol brands and then they have the audacity to question others and do all kinds of drama in the name of democracy, human rights, secularism, and whatnot.

Keep your children away from Bollywood Influence

Bollywood movies may give you temporary pleasure in the name of entertainment, but their influence can destroy the lifestyle and mentality of your children.

Bollywood has been acting as a face of the Drug Mafia and several International cartels, who have brought Drug and Alcohol abuse into the mainstream. Children can be easily influenced by the actors, who are often seen drinking alcohol and doing smoking on the silver screen. We have several Bollywood biggies, who have been accused of drug abuse such as Sanjay Dutt, Parveen Babi, Fardeen Khan, Ranbeer Kapoor, Prateik Babbar, Pooja Bhatt, and Manish Koirala.

Unfortunately, all these actors and actresses are quite popular among the people, especially our Youth. Our children are often mesmerized with all the shining and glittering lifestyles of these Bollywood stars, and often try to follow them, and most of the time they destroy their own lives in the process.

We only want to urge our readers to stay away from these Bollywood stars and ask your children to follow the actual Stars who are guarding our nation, bringing glory to our nation in sports, or any good personality that is making any positive changes in society. Follow those people who can contribute to your life, your society, and the nation. Bollywood is just an eyewash, never fall for their propaganda, they are good for nothing, and they can not add any value to your life.


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