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BJP’s Satya Kumar thrashes Congress for their Political Opportunism on the Hathras case


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The nation is in a state of shock and scathing anger due to the high profile Hathras killing of a Dalit girl. Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and party leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Saturday met the family of the 20-year-old Dalit woman who was allegedly gang raped and murdered last month in Hathras.

The opposition has sensed an opportunity to create unrest in the Uttar Pradesh, as they were unable to project any credible opposition towards Agricultura bills. They are, especially Congress is keeping mum on the rape cases in states ruled by their governments, like Rajasthan, or where the culprits are from a specific community, like Balrampur.

BJP Leader Y. Satya Kumar lashed out at Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra for displaying political hypocrisy over the horrific alleged rape and killing of a Dalit girl in Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh. He said that the Hathras incident was extremely saddening and condemnable and everyone condemned it unequivocally. However, the politics played by the Royal Scions of the congrees party smacks of hypocrisy and political opprtunism.

He further added that as per the data, that has come out as to how the state of Rajasthan,ruled by the Congress party, has become crime capital, especially in terms of crime against women. Will the royal family now make a tour to Rajasthan to meet the many victims of atrocities?

It is quite evident that Congress Leadership is trying its best to utilize Hathras’s case for its own benefit. They are not concerned about the justice to the victim girl, they are more inclined towards scoring some brownie points against UP CM Yogi Adityanath and BJP.

Their concern is certainly not for the victim of the alleged crime but for the political ground that the Congress party has lost in Uttar Pradesh. However, the people of the state are smart enough to see through these theatrics and whataboutery.


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