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The untold story of Maharashtrian Brahmin genocide committed by Congress after Gandhi’s assassination in 1948


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People of India were disheartened and disillusioned with the way ‘Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’ aka ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ had accepted partition and allowed it to take place in 1947, combined with riots, destruction and unspeakable amount of bloodbath. But, soon after he was shot at by Nathuram Godse at 5:17 PM in the compound of Birla House in New Delhi on 30 January 1948, he was projected as demigod. 

Then, there began naked dance of death, destruction and violence on the streets of Maharashtra against Brahmins at midnight of 30 January 1948, because Godse happened to be a Brahmin. After 5-6 hours of Gandhi’s assassination, mob of rioters had every detail of the assassin, Godse was a Brahman of Chitpavan subcast. Mobs of anarchists went berserk to commit indiscriminate massacres and bloodbath to target innocent Brahmins to avenge killing of Mahatma Gandhi, who swore by “Truth and Non Violence” all his life, even then Nathuram Godse hadn’t tried to flee. The law was taking action against him.

Mobs comprising mostly Congress workers handpicked 15 Brahmins in Mumbai to butcher them at the same midnight. In Pune, 50 innocent Brahmins were slaughtered. A family in a remote village called Kapahare was burnt alive because their surname was Godse, although the family had no connection with Nathuram Godse. First, it was Chitpavan Brahmin, who was targeted. Gradually, Brahmin with other surnames were also attacked. Insane mob of rioters and anarchists singled out every Brahmin  family with surname of Apte, Joshi, Gokhale, Kulkarni, Ranade, Deshpandey. 

On 5 February 1948, a Hindi daily, “Ushakal” from Jabalpur had reported, thousands of Brahmins were attacked in 400 villages of Satara district of Maharashtra. Their 1500 houses were burnt down. A woman and her grandson from a Kulkarni Brahmin family was burnt alive in Udatre village. In Panchgani, a school was burnt, because its operator was a Brahmin. A cloth mill and TV hospital were set on fire in Sangli.  In Kolhapur, the entire factory of RSS leader G. H. Joshi was burnt down.  The city’s famous photographer, Bhalji Pedharkar’s studio worth ₹2.5 lakhs was completely gutted. According to an estimate, Brahmin’s properties worth ₹50 crores were destroyed. Thousands of Brahmins were rendered homeless. 

Mob led by Congress workers had become so insane that they went to attack freedom fighter, Veer Savarkar’s residence. When, they didn’t find him, they dragged out his younger brother Doctor Narayan Savarkar, who lived in Shivaji Park to stone him brutally. He died after some time because of the injury he received that night. 

The noted Marathi writer and editor of Tarun Bharat, Gajanan Tryambak Madkholkar’s house was also attacked. A shattered and aggrieved Madkholkar had written “Eka Nirvasitachi’s story, means a refugee’s story, which became very famous.

Forget about Social Media, during the era of 1948, a household hardly had a landline phone. In absence of Social Media, mobile phone, or even landline phone, how did rioters and anarchists communicated to one another to target Brahmins? How can a mob of rioters and anarchists be assembled at one place with full detail of Nathuram Godse with hardly any means to communicate? Which machinery had engineered the genocide against Brahmin in 1948? Wasn’t then Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru aware of death, destruction and despair committed against Brahmins in Maharashtra? 

Jawahar Lal Nehru had full knowledge of brutal atrocities inflicted upon innocent Brahmins. Nevertheless, he instigated the rioters and anarchists, when he squarely blamed RSS for Gandhi’s killing without any shred of proof. On 14 March 1948, at Vardha district of Maharashtra, Nehru had said, “I am ready to leave the power to fight Sangh by coming to battle field.” Did Nehru mean he would also start torching residences of RSS activists and killing them? Had Nehru made such baseless comment blaming RSS for killing Gandhi today, he would have to face trial the way his great grandson Rahul Gandhi was asked by Apex Court to apologise for blaming RSS.

It doesn’t suit the narrative of leftist historians and writers, who have been continuously demonising Brahmins, to tell how Brahmins were brutally persecuted in 1948 for no fault of theirs. Therefore, Nehru and his successive government made sure to wipe out every trace of Brahmin genocide from record book. 

However, Maureen L B Patterson, who wrote a book, Gandhi and Godse, said, “when I was conducting research on Chitpavan Brahmins after two decades of Gandhi’s assassination, the police did not allow her to access the files that pertained to the anti Brahmin riots in 1948.” Maureen L B Patterson found, in her research, that violence against Brahmins, after Gandhi’s assassination did not take place in cities like Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur, which were strongholds of Hindu nationalists, but it was small towns like Satara, Belgaum and Kolhapur, which were badly affected. 

This has been ideology of Congress to attack and denigrate Hindu nationalists and organisations like RSS. From Nehru to Rahul Gandhi, Congress has been targeting RSS and Hindu nationalists. However, it is Pt. Dwarka Prasad Mishra, writer, a Congress man and former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, who confirms and validates that it was Congress workers, who organised anti Brahmin riots and genocide in Maharashtra. Pt. Dwarka Prasad Mishra writes in his book “Living an Era,” After the assassination of Gandhiji, mob of rioters attacked houses and shops of Brahmins and tried to torch them. Even educational institutions run by the Brahmins were not spared. The Joshi High School in Nagpur was set on fire, when the fire brigade arrived there, the mob forced it to return. In the horrific and heartbreaking cases of violence against the Brahmins, most of non Brahmins rioters were Congressmen. Some of them were also officials of Congress committees.

After perpetrating cold blooded genocide of Brahmin in 1948 and brutal massacre of Sikhs in 1984, Congressmen dress themselves as Gandhi on 2 Oct 2020 to tell the world they follow Truth and Non Violence. When India talks about riots and genocide, the country has record of Sikh genocide, Kashmiri Hindu massacres, but cold blooded killings of Brahmins in newly free India has no documents and details as they were deliberately wiped out. Perhaps, Brahmins do not comprise vote bank. If a community doesn’t form vote bank, Congress doesn’t mind to annihilate them. 



  1. Hats off to the author and the editor both. But I feel truly concerned about your safety now that you have shown this courage of exposing the Nehruvian casteism emanating from the idol called Gandhi.

    • Nehru never followed Gandhi, Gandhi wasd an Hindu, Mullah Nehru could not say he was Hindu as it was accident of Birth. He was a castiest, feudal, communist, elitist and everything Gandhi was not. He single handily partitioned the country, and after partition, he made separate laws for Muslims. Gandhi said that Congress party should be dismental and Nehru and congress committed fraud blaming partition on Gandhi who said you will be threading on my dead body.

  2. These are outrageous lies and as a person born in the chitpavan brahmin caste- I state that the author is motivated to lie so as to spread hatred for Maharashtrians.

  3. Politician of every hue has his hands stained in the blood of innocent people. In the age of post truth one must be circumspect in accepting any piece of information.Blaming Nehru for all ills is not the solution to the problem.Whether Congress or BJP poor governance ,lies and subterfuge is what we get and will continue gettingas long as our voting behavior is guided by parochial consideration.

    • Nehru was a liar and cheat. He single handily partition the country. He single handily gave separate laws for Muslims, He single handily went against all Gandhi philosophies lived as a elitist, was against free markets of Gandhi, was anti-Hindu unlike Gandhi, was Mullah unlike Gandhi who preached Hinduism. He preached the tyranny of majority, caste, language, and other evils ti divide the country unlike Gandhi who was against caste. He was minimalist, and his record is shameless.

  4. You mentioned about my family here … kulkarni Family from Udtare , satara district,Maharashtra.

    It’s still shocking to … we as a family still have scars from this incident and I confirm this incident was true ….. my great grandmom were burned alive in our house …..

  5. Highly condemnable.It is quite a shock for all concerned.It seems it will take years for me to get over the mental pain afflicted by the genocide .I feel as though I have lost my kith and kin.Thousands of Brahmins had sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our nation.They were the first to revolt against the British.The number of Brahmin freedom fighters from Maharashtra was very high when compared to from the other states.I never thought that Congressmen would act with such brutality in committimg an irremissible heinous crime.Those days Brahmins were always as Brahmins.They were intellectuals,scholars,law-abiding citizens,spiritually oriented and true nationalists.Now,I come to understand that Congressmen have had used subterfuges and bluff on many occasions.With their deceptive mental designs,they were/are behind the killings of innocent Brahmins en masse.I am perturbed to learn that Nehru instigated the Congressmen to kill the Brahmins and RSS sympathisers on the fateful night of 30 January,1948,in the wake of MK.Gandhi`s assassination by Godse.Nehru`s origin was supposed to be Kashmir;but,he remained a silent spectator when thousands of Kashmir Brahmins were massacred mercilessly,their women molested and raped by Muslims.Many Brahmins were rendered homeless and their properties were looted by the Muslim outfits;many Brahmins had to flee the state.For Brahmins,enemies are within that community,no doubt in it.Only Brahmins and Hinduism are the targets of attack in India.Strangely,many among the influential Congressmen ,were Brahmins and so even now.But there is no coordination OR cooperation among Brahmins.This is their Achille`s heel!However,
    Sikhism is the off-shoot of Hinduism,but the Hindu genocide by Khalistan Radicals in Punjab in 1980s & 1990s is an ugly chapter in our nation`s history that can never be effaced.For Brahmins,
    dangers lurk within their community.Apart from the threats from their own community,
    BR.Ambedkar,EVRamasamy Naicker,Annadurai and Justice party leaders used to spew venom at Brahmins ,their community and Hinduism.The same hatred now too prevails against Brahmins across our country.Brahmins in Tamilnadu,WB,Maharashtra are worstly hit by the aggressive memebers of other castes and religions,especially Christians and Muslims.Sadly,genocides of Hindus and Brahmins could never demand justice,because valid proofs were removed and destroyed by the Congress regime.Tamil Brahmins may become victims of hate crime,soon.
    As our country is passing through a crucial phase,stability of the country is the most important.For that ,our Modiji should become a benevolent dictator to save the country from the internal and external threats.

    • See the larger picture. No one by birth is a Brahmin. The fact was Nehru was a Mullah, and not a Brahmin. HE said by culture he was a Muslims and married his daughter to a Muslim family. Nehru has been a big fraud. He created castism, when Gandhi preached union of society Atma Gyan and most freeedom fighter denied there was any caste in India as only qualified people could be of any caste, and everyone is born a Shudra in Vedas that is what Arya Samaj, and most preached. Nehru preached tyranny of the Majority and gave separate laws to Muslims dividing the society again. He hated Hindus, and destroyed their culture in every way he could. Attacking Brahmins is a way of suppressing Hindus about their culture as putting temples under government control trust. Can ANYONE SPEAK British GALI TO Hindus WHEN ANY EDUCATED WOULD KNOW, Muslims AND Christians COME FROM A FEUDAL SLAVE BASED SOCIETY AND HAD ALL THE SAME FLAWS of a caste system WHICH WAS A WORLD WIDE PHENOMENA. Castes IS FEUDALISM, AND NOT PART OF Hindu RELIGION WHICH PREACHES aTMA gYan, which preaches by birth a person is Shudra, and a fraud by British to convert Hindus as caste was the system and culture followed of invaders. Why freedom fighter fought against British is because British WERE Disparage of Hindu dharma and rewriting its books. Further British practiced apartheid in India the same as untouchability. The qualification of Brahimin is that a person who always speaks truth, who is benevolent in character, who is knowledgeable having wisdom, who controls their senses, who disposition is peaceful, and so forth.

  6. Nice to hear about killing of Brahmins in Maharastra in 1948 and J and K in 1990
    Going forward “Wish more such things happen”
    Brahmins are Venomous Snakes in Human Form
    Brahmins Hijacked Hindu Religion and Hindu Gods,Looted all Indian Resources – can see Brahmins Tummys filled with “ALMS” given by Non-Brahmins
    Brahmins doesn’t allow from non-brahmins to be Presidents and P.M’s
    Brahmin’s Teach and Preach, but Brahmin women marry Rich Beef eating in India and Rich Pork and Beef eating White Christians in Europe,U.S and Australia.

    • This article is a pure propaganda. I can tell from our school/college (which we studied) books that infinite atrocities have been committed on people since human civilization started.why are we going 70 years back? What we will achieve in this discussion. Why don’t we look forward? In this post covid era our country is facing grave problems like massive unemployment, declining GDP, our economy is in shambles, astronomical Petrol diesel prices, rising prices of cooking oil which affects us day in and out. Why can’t we discuss such issue. Why do we fall into such false propaganda which did not happen.

      • He has to justify nonsense as he does not know what a Brahmin is. Brahmin is by never birth, but by qualification as Ved Dharma says by birth all are Sudra. The concept of twice born means after education and qualification one graduate to be any other caste. West practiced feudalism WHAT IS CONSIDERED BIRTH BASED CASTE SYSTEM AND WAS A DARK AGE Phenomena THAT OCCURRED THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, AND THEIR RELIGIONS OF CHRISTIANITY AND ISLAM SUPPORTED IT AS THEIR RELIGION BELIEVED IN RACISM AND SLAVERY. Manu Rishi’s ‘s children were not all Brahmin despite he being a Rishi. Ravan was not a Brahmin as his qualities were of a Rakshas, Brahmin is a qualification of education require certain qualities . It has never been without any standards. Today ALL MAJOR TEMPLES ARE UNDER GOVERNMENT CONTROL TRUST AND SO ATMA GYAN IS NOT PREACHED.



  7. At one place author has written that nehru blamed RSS for gandhi’s murder without a shred of evidence.funny,it is clear now that godse and savarkar both were RSS members, bjp openly claims there acts as valour.patriotic,it was RSS preplanned act.and the criminals are being hailed for what gandhi murder.

    • You are foolish to think RSS had that type of control or were freedom fighters. Why would any Hindu wear shorts, and shirt when his culture traditions is of another attire. ? Certainly, you miss Arya Samaj movement which started Swaraj movement. Most freedom fighters were from that movement Lala Lajpat Rai who was head of college which Bhagat Singh studied was also a well known Arya Samaj member who circulated swaraj movement which was the main influence of freedom movement and Bhagat Singh.. .


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