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BJP has got Electoral gains for Hindus; but is it enough to win the ‘War of Civilization’?


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16th May 2014, this date has its own significance in the history of India, for some, this is the date when Hindus gained electoral supremacy over the Leftist-Congressi-Liberal-secular cabal, and for some, this is the day when India sunk into the darkness of ‘Intolerance’, ‘Patriarchy’, ‘Hindutva Terror’ and whatnot.

On 20th November, during the inaugural session of World Hindu Congress, the then VHP Chief Sh. Ashok Singhal made a remark that “it was after 800 long years that Delhi is being governed by Hindus. Eight hundred years after it (power in Delhi) went away from Prithviraj Chauhan, it did not come back into the hands of a proud Hindu. It has happened after 800 years”.

Where he compared Narendra Modi’s rise to power with the rule of Prithviraj Chauhan, who has been considered to be the last independent Hindu ruler in the Indian sub-continent.

He further added that “Delhi is being ruled by a “Swabhimani” Hindu after a long hiatus of 800 years”. These remarks have their own significance as RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat was also gracing the occasion and called upon Hindu society to take on a larger role and guide the world.

Since then, we have seen a juggernaut sort of phonomenon, which was led by PM Modi and his second-in-command Amit Shah, who are on the winning spree throughout the country. They have won the terrorities which were highly anti-hindus, they solved many long pending issues in the process. Their every win is considered as a ‘Win of Hindutva’ and what not. However, at the same time, it is also observed and said by few, that wining the electoral mandate alone wont serve the purpose, as its just a small component of the entire design, which is neccessary to fight the ‘War of Civilization’, which indeed being faught for more than 1000 years now.

In recent times, we have seen a lot of incidents that could be considered as a challenge to the Hindutva might. Hindus have been attacked, their properties have been vandalized, Hindus have been killed in religious disturbance and Anti-CAB Islamist riots, they have been hounded for their comments and statements on social media, they have been killed for raising their voice, their girls have been raped and murdered, BJP’s workers have been selectively arrested and sometimes even murdered. Such incidents pose a threat to the woke Hindus, who have realized the strength of their unity since 2014.

Whenever we face any such instance, people often cry that BJP doesn’t know how to rule, they have gained the power, but they lack the will to build a pro-Hindu ecosystem to counter the Communist-Islamist-Secular-Liberal cabal. In this article, we would like to share some observations and some sort of action plan, which needs to be implemented to win this war of civilization in long term.

What is an Ecosystem and do we really need one?

As per Britannica’s definition, an Ecosystem is a complex of living organisms, their physical environment, and all their interrelationships in a particular unit of space. However, if we look into it from a social perspective, it’s a closely knitted group of people or groups, who have some common objectives, all of the work in tandem, and have a high level of interrelationships with each other.

Do Hindus need an Ecosystem? the answer is an obvious ‘Yes’.

However, most people don’t even have a basic understanding of the term Ecosystem. there is a common saying, that BJP is highly incompetent and unable to build an ecosystem in the last 5-6 years. We do agree with this observation, however, we should have a broader view to understand this situation and its repercussions.

How Anti-Hindu ecosystem worked in last 2 decades

Let’s take an example, since the UPA regime, Hindus have become increasingly demonized at all levels of society, resulting in a horrific spate of attacks, riots, and lynchings in the past year. The term Hindutva Terror was coined, there was a deliberated effort to suppress the voice of Hindus.

At the same time, any incident against the Muslim community gets the widest possible coverage at the international level. The lynching of Muslims discussed even in the UN, whereas the lynching of Hindu saints not even discussed in local media and the platforms.

Picture Credit – Youth Ki Awaaz

An incident of a Dalit Student’s suicide can storm the nation, but the killing a general caste person can become a part of national discourse. Ever thought about why this happens? It’s because of a brilliantly knitted Ecosystem, that works beyond the boundaries of our Nation.

Did you wonder why all of a sudden, several artists, writers, and other famous personalities returned their awards to register their so-called protest against the so-called ‘Intolerance’ in India? Several eminent Western Scientists wrote articles against the Indian government, several widely popular media houses propagated a narrative to show India in a bad light.

Picture Credit – Rediff

In recent times, we have seen the involvement of bureaucracy as well, who openly take anti-Hindu stances and threaten the Hindus and sometimes take action against them as well. The recent exchange between Twitter handle True Indology and IPS Roopa is such an example. Where she engaged with this Twitter handle, and the moment she was unable to digest the facts and counter, she threatened him, and then suddenly Twitter suspend the True Indology account.

Picture Credit – TrueIndologyorg twitter handle

We have seen such biased treatment by the Judiciary as well, that’s why we have seen a huge number of PIL’s and cases against Hindu festivals in recent time. In a way or the other, these people try to put some sort of restrictions or a blanket ban on Hindu festivals.

Picture Credit – Twitter

Gradually, they are trying to demean the Hindu civilization using different way by invoking their robust ecosystem, they have an army of intellectuals, artists, judiciary, bureaucrats, politicians, scientists, and media personalities who can stand for their cause at the drop of hat.

India the nation of dual civilizations

India often called a ‘Hindu Rashtra’, however as a nation it has 2 distinct civilizations within. Hindu Civilization, which takes side with Modi and BJP on their pro-nation stand, and the Islamic civilization which is out on streets not agreeing with the principle position Indian state has taken, for any sort of issue.

These 2 distinct civilizations have been at war with each other for many centuries. The problem is, the Islamic civilization within India draws its guidance and inspiration from the core of Islamic civilization, that is Turkey. It was Turkey’s Khilafat movement that influenced Muslims during the war of independence, which ultimately caused the division of India.

This time also it won’t be any different if we don’t learn our lessons and perform a course correction. The irony is, most of the Hindus do not understand this clash of civilizations, whereas the Islamic side is very much clear. The communists, liberals, and pseudo-secular take the side of Islamic civilization and Congress acts as a glue for them, for almost a century now. Their whole and sole objective is to demean the Hindu civilization by any possible means.

Are we ready for the Clash of Civilization in India?

I think better question would be, Do we have any option?

It is quite evident that if the Hindu civilization loses in this “Clash of Civilizations”, it will be “washed off” from the face of the earth. India may break down into several small countries carved out by Islamic, Western, and Chinese civilization from this Dharmic land. We may become homeless refugees in our own land and will have nowhere to go, it’s not a myth we have seen a similar situation in Iraq, Syria, and several other middle eastern countries recently. We have the example of Kashmiri Pandits here, who are living in exile for the last 3 decades.

It is quite sad that we have not learnt our lessons from previous battles. We will be aliens in our own lands or simply be digested. Solution lies in the Hindu waking up and demanding a Hindu Civilizational State to safeguard his own identity. If your grand kids will roam freely in this land, will depend on how you fight this war today and how you rise above caste and creed to help your fellow Hindu.

What to do? Is there an Action Plan?

It’s is unfair to say that Hindus don’t have an ecosystem, though their effectiveness is very much debated. We are aware that the rightwing ecosystem runs a network of thinks tanks like the RSS, Prajna Pravah, and the India Foundation headed by Ram Madhav and Shourya Doval.

These organizations train youngsters in nationalist thought and prepare them to challenge leftist intellectuals. RSS infuse nationalism and Hinduism into Indians and work tirelessly to keep Hindus together. Whereas the India Foundation works closely with the ministry of external affairs and holds international conferences and arranges for fellowships for suitable candidates. Hindus must ensure their unequivocal financial, moral, and vocal support to these organizations and Think Tanks.

On the cultural and Art front, we have seen a spurt in films, OTT series, television shows, and Literature that feature topics of Hindu resurgence. For example, the movies like Bahubali, Tanhaji have broken records in budget and revenue, unabashedly celebrated Hindu might. The growing number of mythological novels and non-fiction books interpreting Hindu symbols also point towards this trend. Hindus should encourage and sponsor any such initiative, which promotes Hinduism and increase its influence.

RSS and BJP have been working to recast itself as a modern organization by revisiting its position on a number of controversial issues such as homosexuality, to enhance its reach up to a greater extent.

However, the biggest warriors in this War of Civilization are You and Me. The first and the foremost thing which every Hindu should do is to accept that we are indeed in the middle of a Clash of Civilization. We have been brainwashed up to that extent, that we are not ready to accept this grave situation, so the first thing is the realization of situation and awareness of our surroundings.

We have to be more vigilant, we have to be more vocal, we have to be more united to counter the propaganda and narrative. If you are on Social Media, please support your fellow Hindus, don’t think about the differences in opinions, just stick to the ideologies, stick to the Hinduism, because that’s the exact strategy our enemies are employing.

We have seen some recent instances, where a collective effort of Hindus has forced the Organizations to remove Anti-Hindu stuff, advertisements, and elements from public purview. Several initiatives have been started recently, like the formation of a Hindu IT cell and a Pro-Hindu Ecosystem (by Kapil Mishra) which will go long way in helping Hindus in any adverse situation. We have seen few pro-Hindu judgments by the judiciary (that’s what this Cabal propagates), which is indeed a welcome step, as people have started shunning their pseudo-secular image and put more emphasis on facts.

We must understand that BJP or Modi has won the mandate of people, they can provide us an environment to grow an ecosystem and associated entities, however, the onus is on us, the Hindus have to take this opportunity and build a parallel supporting system for ourselves. We have to spread our area of influence on arts and culture, judiciary, literature, media, movies, and OTT platform, then only we can think of winning this war.


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