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Big question : “Modiji tweet kyu nahi karte”? Do we need a PM who tweets or acts ?


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Modiji tweet kyun nahin karte ?

Yeh sun sun ke mere kaan pak gaye! Based on my excellent self proclaimed skills as a psychoanalyst (see I can use big words), here are my 2 cents (should I be demanding more?) I am not justifying or even saying if it is right or wrong! I am just deciphering why he tweets this way. When Modiji tweets, it is as the PM of India. He condemns terror attacks, both within India (BJP karyakartas killed in Kashmir recently) & international (France). He also comments on natural disasters & accidents. Yes, he did tweet once on Tabrej Ansari but it was regarding the entire state of Jharkhand being labelled as Lynchistan and Jharkhand Asmita. But in general, I have not seen him tweet on local law & order issues as it is a state issue & may look like the centre criticising the state. Also, it can lead to Whataboutery!
The questions are always raised: “He talked about this rape, why not the rape in UP? Oh, because it is in a BJP ruled state. ” – & so on!

As per a 2019 NCRB report, an average of 88 rape cases and 79 murders are registered daily in India (keep in mind, we are a population of more than 130 crores.) So should he tweet on all the issues? That is not possible. Should he tweet only on matters getting media attention? Ek ladki ki izzat dusri se kam hain? Tamilian ki izzat? Bihari ki izzat? It all becomes a web of Whataboutery! As for silence on Munger police atrocities issue, the EC code was going on & commenting might have looked like as an attack on EC by the PMO (that doesn’t mean there was no communication with EC after that – after all, both DM & SP were removed from their post & a fast track committee set up to submit a report in 7 days )

We have to appreciate that Modiji’s SM handles are followed by crores, in India & abroad! (He’s one of the top 3 political leaders worldwide- be it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.) Imagine if half the news they read is all negative – I am saddened by the murder of this man; I am grieved by the rape of this woman. One also has to differentiate between the PM of India & the BJP. Attacks on BJP Karyakartas are dealt by Party President – remember, Modiji is PM of 130 crore Indians, not just the < 50 crore that voted for the NDA. Recall how he kept quiet in Amit Bhai’s press conference?

Now, about the sacrifices of karyakartas in WB & Kerala? That’s between the party & them! I am sure the people were involved in party work because of their own passion and conviction; the party must be taking care of the families of these martyrs – but this has to be looked at by party – not PM. Yes, we want justice for BJP Karyakartas of WB & Kerala, Palghar Sadhus, for Kamlesh Tiwari, for Nikita & Rahul but I’m sure action is being taken for these cases. We didn’t do surgical strikes or capture strategic points near Pangong Tso or get Wing Commander Abhinandan back by tweeting threats like “release him by 9 o’clock, warna….” I am sure a lot of things are happening behind the veil of secrecy & we will certainly get justice. After all, I want a PM that acts, not tweets. For me, action speaks louder than words. And as long as Modiji is trying his best, I don’t care whether he tweets about it or not. So keep the faith, and more importantly, patience.
Bharat Mata Ki Jai


  1. It’s a good article. I aam a hard core nationalist and Namo ji supporter. I firmly believe that BJP has ministers to take care of all disciplines. He delegates a lot of work down the line. When you feel, he has been silent on some issues as highlighted by you, a lot of activity goes on behind the curtains. The cases of mob lynching and marriages among Hindu – Muslim genders is being dealt with strongly by Yogi ji.


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