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Ayush Ministry appointed Hindu-Hater Kareena Kapoor for promotion of Yoga; Hindus slammed the govt for its dual standards

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India’s politics is not a merely politics anymore, it is more of an ideological war between two factions, and here every one wants to support or take a stand for the people who comes from their own ideology.

We Hindus keep on fighting against the people who are trying their best to demean our religion and customs, especially the famous personalities and Bollywood actors & actresses. How would you feel if you see our government promoting someone who loves to diminish Hinduism at every possible opportunity?

We are talking about Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor, who is known for her hatred towards Hinduism, she is outspoken and never leave any stone unturned when it comes to demean the Hinduism. She and her husband Saif Ali Khan gave their son a name ‘Taimur’, who was a brutal invader who killed millions of Hindus.

Now our Ayush Ministry has posted a video of Kareena Kapoor, where she is talking about Yoga and other stuff. This video and the promotion by the Indian Government is nothing less than a slap for every Hindu, as they are promoting a known Hindu hater in the name of Yoga.

Here is the tweet link – https://twitter.com/moayush/status/1405167318435450883?s=19

Picture Credit – Ayush Ministry

This tweet created an outrage on social media, where Hindus started hammering the Modi government for promoting Kareena Kapoor and slammed the government for its dual standards, where it is neglecting the feelings of its core supporters and promoting those who keep accusing the government day and night.

Ayush Ministry deleted this tweet, as it understood that this has backfired big time. But the question still remains the same, Why to promote those who demean Hinduism and Indian Government every now and then?

Will Government wake up from the deep slumber and start screening people before appointing them and promoting them on public platform. People have started taking the note of such appointments and promotions and they never leave any opportunity to register their dissatisfaction and displeasure.

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