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International Global Toolkit launched by USCIRF in collusion with IMAC to dislodge MYogiAdityanath Government in Uttar Pradesh


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Indian American Muslim Council had organized Congressional Briefing on State Repression of Civil Liberties in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday 16th June 2021. The panel included Niala Mohammad, Senior Policy Analyst, United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, Magsaysay Award Winner, Sandeep Pandey, Govind Acharya of Amnesty Intermediate and Bhasha Singh, journalist and author. The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) a American federal government commission which makes policy recommendations based on its review of global religious freedom to the US President, the Secretary of State and the US Congress. Last year USCIRF downgraded India to the lowest ranking “countries  of particular concern”(CPC) in its 2020 report. The advisory body placed India along countries, including China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Interestingly the last time India has been placed in this category was in 2004.

The panellist in the Congressional Briefing had raised several issues concerning the plight of Muslims, Dalits & Women. The panel unanimously criticized #TheMonkFromGorakhpur and termed the state of Uttar Pradesh has become an ideal model for Hindu Rashtra. The Key concerns of the panel were enactment of Citizenship Amendment Act which fast-tracks citizenship for non-Muslim refugees from South Asian countries. The “National Register of Citizens” which seeks to document legal citizens of India so that illegal immigrants can be identified and deported, was flagged as major area of concern. The US government funded advocacy group Freedom House has downgraded India due to crackdown on expressions of dissent by the media, academics, civil society groups, and protesters. The jury called the enactment of “UP Recovery of Public & Private Property Ordinance” to recover dues from property damaged during riots, rallies and protest from the accused as draconian. The Love Jihad law against forceful inter-faith conversions  passed by a number of states ruled by BJP and implemented in the state of Uttar Pradesh by the YogiAdityanath government was criticized vehemently.

The panel was critical towards the ideology of Hindutva propagated by the RSS has led to incessant violent attacks against religious minorities. The panel was critical towards terming Tablighi Jamaat as superspreaders and critical towards using hashtags like #CaronaJihad. Johnnie Moore, an evangelical who is the President of The Congress of Christian Leaders urged the United States to intervene for the Modi Government crackdown on Amnesty International and made mention of  amendment to the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) that further stifles the work of various Christian NGOs working within the country. Among the matters discussed were Hathras Rape Case, Babri Masjid Verdict, Mob lynching,  discriminatory attacks targeting Dalits, fiery speeches by BJP leaders on the eve of Delhi Violence, attack on dissent on Journalist were also raised. The panel was critical of the UP Chief Minister MYogiAdityanath for enacting tough laws which affected Muslims in particular and termed it discriminatory.

Interestingly the Congressional Briefing has come just before 2022 UP assembly polls. The targeted communities mentioned by the panel are interestingly Muslim & Dalits and its intended to benefit the proponents of politics of social justice like  Congress, SP and BSP. The state is staged to become an electoral  battlefield and a devious toolkit is being put in action to discredit MYogiAdityanath. As observed extreme propaganda is being carried out which include fake news, half truth, misinformation to create doubts in the minds of voters. Billionaire rogue George Soros has committed $ 1 Billion to fight Hindu Nationalist government of Narendra Modi. The attack on UP Chief Minister is devious design by Deep State cabal to dislodge the nationalist government all across the globe to ensure the continuity of their vested interest. In 2008 USCIRF urged American administration to deny visas to then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. In 2021 the commission recommended targeted sanctions against Indian Government entities without naming UP Chief Minister MYogiAdityanath explicitly. It would be prudent for America to keep its house in order, instead of poking its nose in internal affairs of other countries. The Black Lives Movement have exposed the fault lines deep in American society with many communities apart from Black have suffered racism due to their ethnicity & colour. The Congressional Briefing smells of deep rooted conspiracy to mischaracterize and malign the popular constitutionally elected government in power. The frivolous allegations made by the panel smell of coordinated international conspiracy to dislodge MYogiAdityanath government in upcoming 2022 Assembly elections.

Everybody has an opinion. Do they, however, truly matter? These days, blending various viewpoints has resulted in the development of hazardous concoctions of perspectives. The true goal, however, was to cultivate serious intellectual revolutions that would influence the people and create a community that might affect global change. About Umesh Agarwal Umesh Agarwal, a conscientious Indian citizen active in media and volunteer work, thinks that young people in India need to become more aware of both spoken and unsaid global events. An entrepreneur by trade, a commerce graduate by education, and a veteran of the information technology three-tier architecture industry, He has made it his mission to increase public understanding of global current affairs, macro and microeconomics, heritage, international relations, history, and economic affairs. He is a renowned geopolitical expert, visionary, and astute opinion leader. He is passionate about analysing current events and reporting on them in a variety of international publications, including Trunicle, USApolitico, Keatley, and BharatVoice. Many of his writings went viral and attracted the attention of international celebrities who commented on them. VISION Umesh queries, "Is it easy to be vocal and politically opinionated with numerous avenues of information like print media, live websites, and interactions on social media. But the crucial query is: Are we expanding our thinking? Can we uncover facts buried in layers? Are we capable of fully comprehending the political game of cards?” He frequently states that In today’s capitalist society, if we don't teach the next generation how to protect themselves from the tragedies of bureaucratic conspiracies, they might never learn to protect themselves and make big decisions. VOLUNTEERING WORK Along with his involvement with numerous charitable organisations, he had managed multispecialty day care diagnostic and cancer detection centres that serve more than 100,000 people in Chennai. Having participated in numerous humanitarian and social organisations as a contributor. INDIACHRONICLE With the vision of promoting transparency and empowering the youth , he has launched a mediahouse- IndiaChronicle.in, a new centrist journal designed to promote educated debate and offer insightful information on the many areas that influence our society. India Chronicle seeks to fill in the gaps in public conversation by offering a fair-minded and complex viewpoint on important topics. Our readership is made up of a diverse group of people, including decision-makers, academics, workers, and active citizens who seek insightful information. Its time that we think of the persistent little contributions that make us a more responsible individual and a global citizen. Follow on Email : ukagarwal@gmail.com Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ukagarwal Twitter : https://twitter.com/ukagarwal Linked In : https://www.linkedin.com/in/ukagarwal/ YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/@ukagarwal Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ukagarwal2k2/


  1. Wow, it’s as usual always great to read the analytical post by the distinguished author Mr.Umesh Aggarwal. After reading this article n even the series of systematic conspiracy of destruction, supression n demeaning of Hindu religion by glorifying Muslim rules n it’s architectures etc etc by those left minded so-called intellectual Hindu Liberals happening since independence n magnified in recent past years is really a matter of great concern. Actually, these so-called intellectual Liberals are much more dangerous to the terrorists groups who all are for mere some money given by those vested interest groups like Sores etc selling their moral n ethical value to continuously working against Our country n it’s great Hindu religion. Thanks Umesh ji for exposing them again. Now, people of Our country is slowly and slowly becoming aware of their ill-motives & I am pretty sure that like before in recent past this time also the planning to create confusions, fear psychosis n vicious atmosphere will get defeated & Our M Yogi Adityanath will come out victorious with thumping majority in the forthcoming UP assembly elections.

  2. Well articulated. With all this know information, if the govt of India and Up still remain silent and act defensively, it will have have similar fate of WB.

  3. Nothing surprising. Democrats tend to lean away from Hindus. Remember Hillary Clinton banning denying visa to Modi during Obama admin 1.0 ? In Obama admin 2.0 they realized thst Modi with fat wallet and I’d is Globe trotting to buy billions worth military equipment ….. rest is history.

  4. A Muslim raising the decibel on religious freedom. Time, we call the bluff of these Taqqiyya hate spreaders. Pakistan suppresses religious freedom, forcibly abducts and converts Hindu young women to lecherous old Muslim polygamists through sleazy Mullahs. Then you have religious pogrom carried out by Kashmiri Muslims on Hindu Pandits. The Pandit women were raped inhumanly, men and boys killed in typical desert barvaric style recorded in Hadiths. Why shouldn’t Yogi call out this bluff. China is the worst offender of religious freedom. Then you have extreme racism meted out by white Americans on Blacks. Let India lodge a counter case.

  5. Obviously these are people with limited knowledge. They don’t know what’s secularism or democracy, leave alone Hinduism. When USCIRF dates IMAC, you get this baby


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