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Armaan Ansari raped a tribal girl and then killed her and hanged her on a tree : Jharkhand


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Rape, murder, and other horrible crimes were committed on a regular basis in Jharkhand. Ankita, a Hindu girl, was recently burned to death in Dumka by Shah Rukh and Naeem. Local DSP Noor Mustafa has been accused of rescuing the terrorists in this event.

Sri Amda of Dumka has reported yet another case of love jihad. A juvenile girl from the tribal society’s body was discovered hanging from a tree here. Armaan Ansari was responsible for this event. Armaan Ansari is known to have raped the girl for a long period. When that girl became pregnant, she put Armaan under pressure to marry her. Armaan then murdered her and hung her body from a tree.

Although Armaan was apprehended by the Dumka police, the police’s incompetence is also exposed in this instance. Someone discovered this girl’s body hanging from a tree in Sri Amda and reported it to the authorities. The police arrived, apprehended him, and performed a post-mortem on the deceased without alerting the family members.

Former Dumka MLA Louis Marandi has stated that the administration’s decision to do the post-mortem on the girl without informing the family raises concerns about the administration’s intentions. At the same time, the authorities are attempting to characterize this case as a suicide.

According to the deceased’s mother, “My daughter used to work as a daily wage worker with Armaan Ansari. Armaan had a dirty look on him. ना जाने कब he took her in his trap and raped her. It was Armaan who got her pregnant and now he killed her and hanged her from a tree.”

On this Louis, Marandi says, “Hemant Soren’s government always claims to be the government of the tribes, but during the tenure of this government, most of the people of the tribal society are being killed. Now it seems that the tribal society is not safe in this government, but the daughters of the non-tribal society have also become unsafe. It seems that being a woman in Jharkhand has become a crime.”

Babulal Marandi, the leader of the BJP Legislature Party, visited with the victim’s family and built a relationship with them. Along with this, he has requested Chief Minister Hemant Soren to wake up after how many young ladies are slaughtered.

Unfortunately, those who are speaking up for Jharkhand’s girls are being prosecuted. An FIR has been filed against nine persons, including BJP MP Manoj Tiwari, Nishikant Dubey, their two sons, and the director of Deoghar airport, who visited Dumka a few days ago to see Ankita’s family.


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