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Will attain Jannat by having sex with Hindu woman’, says Arbaaz, Afzal & 2 others while raping a pregnant woman

A six-month Dalit pregnant woman was gang-raped in Indore, Madhya Pradesh by four Muslim men under the guise of offering her a job. When...

Armaan Ansari raped a tribal girl and then killed her and hanged her on a tree : Jharkhand

Rape, murder, and other horrible crimes were committed on a regular basis in Jharkhand. Ankita, a Hindu girl, was recently burned to death in...

16 yr old raped but Religion used as a tool by the accused to get bail from POCSO court.

In a bizarre incident in Mumbai a 25 year old man who raped and impregnated a 16 year old has been granted bail The police...