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Another example of Islamic Bigotry – Akbar razed an entire Hindu-Jain city to built Fatehpur Sikri on top of it


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For many historians, the Mughal era is the greatest and richest in the history of India. These historians always try to portray Mughals as an harbinger of India’s mideaval cultural, architectural and heritage development. However, the truth is just opposite of what has been taught to us.

There are umpteen examples of Islamic bigotry, right from Ram Mandir to Shri Krishna Janmbhoomi, from Taj Mahal to Kashi Vishwanath mandir. They simply razed Hindu-Jain-Boddh heritage and built their empire on them. Though our secular-liberal cabal still don’t like it if someone exposes the bigotry of Islamic rulers, they still try to cover up the evil rule of Mughals.

Today we will be talking about the renowned city of Fatehpur Sikri. Per historians, Mughal emperor Akbar established this city as his capital and is now a World Heritage site. It was once a “flourishing trade and Jain pilgrimage centre”.

During the excavations conducted by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in 1999-2000 at the Chabeli Tila, many antique pieces, statues, and structures all point to a lost “culture and religious site,” more than 1,000 years ago were found.

These excavations yielded a rich crop of Hindu-Jain statues, hundreds of them, including the foundation stone of a temple with the date. The statues were a thousand years old of Bhagwan Adi Nath, Bhagwan Rishabh Nath, Bhagwan Mahavir, and Jain Yakshinis.

No, we are not making any frivolous allegations, these facts have been put on the records by none other than K.K. Mumammed himself, who is a renowned archaeologist. He was the Regional Director of the Archaeological Survey of India, and also served as the Project Archaeological Director in the Aga Khan Trust 

Source – KK Muhammed Twitter handle
Picture Source – Indian Express

As per Mr. D.V. Sharma, former superintending archaeologist of the ASI in Agra, who supervised the excavations, “We found scores of damaged statues piled up, and with dates, also a manuscript. These are now lying in the guest house at Fatehpur Sikri. They should have gone ahead with the excavations and engaged historians to research on the subject, but successive Governments and Secular-Liberal cabal never let that happen.

Mr. Sharma also wrote a book on Fatehpur Sikri excavations, which is available in the ASI library with complete details of the findings which unmistakably point to a flourishing trade and pilgrimage centre of both the Jains and the Sikarwars. This book presents some startling pieces of evidence that prove Akbar built a few structures and modified others that were already there. Akbar led this demolition of Hindu-Jain temples and other heritage places, but this can only be proved with the help of thorough research.

As per ASI sources, while digging out the trenches at the site, the ASI team came upon one of the richest archaeological caches, which were dumped one upon the other, it seemed the sculptures were just waiting for is to bring them out into the open. Even the Indian Express team which visited the site saw sculptures of Jain Tirthankaras and carved red-stone potteries, sill half-buried between the layers of earth.

There were at least 34 exquisite sculptures, of various sizes have already been retrieved by the ASI team from a 250-sq yard plot at Bir Chhabili-ka-Tilla in Sikri village. And these findings have pushed back the antiquity of Fatehpur Sikri to 2nd Century AD. ASI team has found branded red-stone potteries, ornamented with mica dust, from the Gupta period. And the most remarkable thing about these sculptures is that they have inscriptions on them making their dates indisputable.

These findings were so important and should have led to extremely serious research, but that was not done. As per K.K. Muhammed, the secular governments halted the excavation process and the research work has been stopped as well. There are enough proofs that expose the lies pelted by historians and established the fact that Akbar razed a full-fledged Hindu-Jain city and built his capital in Fatehpur Sikri.

We would like to request our Central government to restart the excavation process and research on the ruins of these Hindu-Jain city, lies beneath Fatehpur Sikri and bring forth the truth once for all.


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