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A True Love Jihad incident as narrated by a girl. Love Jihad Expose – A Series By Trunicle


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A friend, ex-colleague from my previous job in an international airline asked me on my many anti-islamic posts on fb. “What happened to you?” I replied, “Gazwe-Hind happened”. He was shocked as he is Pakistani to the boot.
I am a Hindu Bhramin who worked in an airline in Middle east for 27 yrs before returning back home. Life was smooth, we got paid very well and traveled to exotic locales and life was full of fun.
My religion was kept in my heart and inside my house. No show of it in public in the Arab world.

Of course there was a strict rule in the airline industry..one does not talk of Sex, Religion or Politics…ever. So we survived. There were many that tried to bend me but I am made of very sterner stuff steel in fact not easy to bend. My mother adores Godse, Bose and Savarkar.
I came back and joined a financial institution as an analyst and trainer and over a period of time visited many people to sell the products.
One day I was taken to the house of a Jain Marwadi who was a top tax consultant of India. Of course they laughed at my attempt to sell as they had money to last seven generations.

They had only one child. A boy 17 yrs of age. A year later I get a call from a lady asking for help. I went there..it is the same Jain Marwadi family.
Now the wife was desperately seeking help to get money to run her house. The husband had died recently and they had no money as her brothers in law were cheating her.Her husband got killed in a car accident and left all his money divided between his 2 brothers and her.I could not help but kept in touch.One day she asked for help urgently.I rushed to her bungalow. Her son was involved, she said, with a girl of other religion and he was obsessed with her. On inquiring I found out that a 24 yr old maid had this 18 yr old  boy trapped in a love relationship.This was shocking. I decided to help. I visited often. I became friends with the boy and got into his confidence. One day I broached the subject of love and he was ecstatic and said that he was in love but would reveal only if I did not tell his Mother.I agreed. He told me of his love for Mariam and how blissful it was. He said he found it hard to recover from his Dad’s death and especially as he was in the car during the accident and his Dad died in his arms. He said his Mother went mad and did not understand him and only this sweet Jezebel did!I kept quite and a few days later told his mum.

We decided to act by taking the help of a life coach,a counselor and a psychiatrist. None worked..though all the Male company helped him regain some confidence. His mother and I were desperate.I decided to ask him why was he do glued to her.He just said sex was good and he got a good blow job.I was shocked…here we are thinking our kids are sheltered but it is anything but that.I did not tell his mother but told a few friends of a local political group.They decided to act as this Jain marwadi boy was worth between 200 crores to 500 crores on per papers.They laid a trap caught them in the act in a building next to his house and beat up the girlShe called her father and brothers.They were beaten too on arrival.
Then they confessed that their local places of worship got a list of names of single children of Hindu parents who are well off and zeroed on them.

Love technique used and once in compromising  position they were photographed and blackmailed into marrying and converting.
Their main aim is to get their hands on the money and property of these rich kids and make it their property. These usually are prime property. It is easy to seduce and convert single Hindu child of any parents. Just see how rich Gujju girls run away from home with their boys.

Here Mariam told us that her father was told he would be paid well and if she could get pregnant they would have the boy marry her and they she would become a Queen of a Mahal. Then the counselor was bought in and asked to talk sense to the boy.He did.The teen was asked to listen to how Mariam hoped to deceive him from her own mouth and then they were made to leave.It was hard on the boy.He could not recover for six months especially the sex bit..but we started introducing him to girls from similar families and once he joined college studies kept him occupied but he always tells me..I miss a good one you know…here is a innocent boy scarred for life about sex due to a sick Abhramic plot to usurp Hindu money and property.I have many more other types of Love.Jihad to tell you but another day.


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